Monday, 1 August 2016

Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice — Oooh … 

1st August, 2016.

You know, I have to confess, I like a film, now and again.


And, while I don’t have a Netflix account?

I DO have an iTunes store Account: with a little credit in it.

AND a series of movies, backed up from the DVDs I used to own and stored on an extra hard drive.


Tonight, I had a spare evening.   One I wanted to spend with a good film.

I don’t know if I got that.

When you consider I rented Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice

That’s a gobful of a title: for a long film.

One I’m STILL not sure about.


Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice opens in the throes of battle.   To be more precise, opens in the climactic battle between Superman (Henry Cavaill) and General Zod, at the end of Man of Steel.

Only showing us the battle from the viewpoint of visiting business made, Bruce Wayne.

A Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) who becomes convinced, over the course of the opening minutes, that Superman is not the hero of the hour.

But a menace of the first degree.

As does Lex Luthor: obsessed with defeating Superman. (Jesse Eisenberg).

Luthor?   Spends most of the film plotting the down film of Superman: maundering Bruce Wayne/Batman in finding a large source of kryptonite … in order to protect the world, should Superman become dangerous.

There’s more, though … 

Wayne ALSO has managed to gain access to Luthor’s computer systems.

He knows perfectly well there’s other unusual metahumans around.

Including an apparently young woman — Diana Prince, (Gal Gadot) — who’s been photographed in 1918 … AND spotted at a posh function organised by Luthor, himself.

You can tell it’s getting messy, can’t you … ?


Actually … ?

Messy is possibly a good term for Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice.

Whilst it’s got its moments — mostly well co-ordinated set piece fights — the film seems dry of even the driest humour.

With Cavell hitting a lot of dark moments as Superman/Clark, most of the human emotion is left to Affleck: who was a genuine surprise to me.

I went into Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice feeling he was going to be the weak spot of the film.

However?   Affleck made for a damn good Bruce Wayne: a man devoted to his job of crime fighting, AND taking no nonsense from the assorted colourful wierdies surrounding him.

And, note I say Bruce Wayne: Christian Bale was a better Batman, I think, with Bale making for a better Bruce Wayne.

But that’s about the only main highlight, I think.

Trying to write down EVERY good or bad point?

Would take a little too long for my comfort, I think.

At any rate?

I would suggest long term DC universe fans will enjoy seeing the first on-screen match up between to of the company’s iconic characters: AND the minimal appearance from the third.

For myself?

I’m thinking Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice is watchable: but a BIT too long, with more going on than’s good for it.

It’s visual … and while there’s plenty of meat, it feels VERY bloated.

Keep that in mind, before you buy.

Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice

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