Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Australiens — Or, how To Have Fun In Brisbane … 

22nd August, 2016

Ouch … !

How do you like that for size?

JUST as I’ve gotten to thinking I’m having a nice relaxing evening?

Yep … 

My guts start — mildly — twanging.

IBS.   Don’t you just love it!

Although, to be frank … ?   Maybe that cheeky chocolate bar wasn’t a sensible idea.

Not after sitting down for two hours.

Watching … Australiens … !


Right … now the guts have calmed down, a little?

I can tell you that I had tonight off: and JUST enough money left in my iTunes account to rent a film.

The film that caught my attention … ?

The Australian indie flick that is … Australiens.

The film opens, 17 years before today: showing us some young Brisbane residents arguing about the existence of aliens.

One of the youngsters, Andi, is awoken let that night: by a light shining through the bedroom window.

A light that turns out to be from … A UFO!

Only after the thing has stolen young Andi’s balloon, and flown off?   Does young Andi decide yo tell people about her encounter: and the higher cognitive powers the aliens left her with.

Seventeen years later?   Andi’s band are gigging all over pubs in Brisbane …

With Andi occasionally advertising the fact she’s an abductee.

Naturally, people assume she’s just a touch … touched …

Until … ?   The aliens come back …


Now …

Did I enjoy this?   Am I going to be given it a star from my now famous ratings?

Yes.   Just the one: but that’s possibly doing Australiens down a little.

Australiens is done on a budget: and, arguably, could maybe have had a few bigger stars in it.

But, whilst low budget, Australiens does have some nice creature effects, and a cast who do a competent job: and who ALL have their tongues stuck firmly in their cheeks.

It’s cheap, but goes for — and, from me, got — laughs.

Don’t take Australiens seriously.

It’s not high art … but IS fun.

And worth a watch, for that.


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