Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 30-8-2016

Can I make a confession, here?

I’ve never — beyond seeing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory — seen a Gene Wilder film!

From where I’m sitting?

That’s not necessarily a bad: his films just weren’t on my To watch list.


With the news, yesterday, of his death, I know there’s not going to be another film with his name in the credits.   I should maybe catch-up by renting one.

What makes it worse?   Is that, apparently, his death was as a result of complications of something that killed both my grandmother, AND my favourite author, Terry Pratchett.

Alzheimer’s has a lot to answers for.


On a more personal note?

On a more personal note, you’ll — possibly — remember me saying I’d complained about my ageing Home Hub 3: my router, in other words.

Which BT promptly offered to replace.

The new one turned up, reasonably promptly: and sat, in it’s box, on a table.   Until, last night, I managed to set it up.

So far, it’s working well.

Here’s hoping it KEEPS doing that: so I can send the old back with no worries … 


But let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Angel*, Debbi† and Olga‡ putting in their answers: with all three scoring five out of five.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?   Here they are, along with the How To, License and video … 

Q1) 30th August, 2014, saw an apparent coup: in which African country?
Q2) One of NASA’s Space Shuttle’s was launched on its maiden voyage: on 30th August, 1984.   Which Space Shuttle?
Q3) Thurgood Marshal was confirmed in his post: on 30th August, 1967.   That post made him the first African American member of which legal body?
Q4) Fossils were discovered in the Burgess Shale are of the Rockies: on 30th August 1909.   Shale, and fossils, were in which North American country?
Q5) Finally … 30th August, 1917, saw the birth on English politician, Denis Healey.   Which cabinet post did he hold from 1974 to 1979?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 29th August, 1541, saw the Ottoman Turks capture the city of Buda: in what’s now Hungary.   Buda is now part of which city?
A1) Budapest.
Q2) 4000 British troops arrived at their new posting: on 29th August, 1950.   Where WAS that posting?
A2) What was then Korea.
Q3) The original Goodyear factory opened: on 29th August, 1898.   The company’s now based in which Ohio city?
A3) Akron.   (It was also home to the original Alcoholics Anonymous meetings: and to the band, Devo.)
Q4) Which Scottish archipelago was finally evacuated: on 29th August, 1930?
A4) St Kilda.
Q5) Finally … 29th August, 1915, saw the birth of Ingrid Bergman.   In which Hitchcock film did she play Alice Huberman?
A5) Notorious.
I’ll leave you with this thought …
“No Government can produce an economic miracle.”
Denis Healey, 30 August 1917 – 3 October 2015.
This song from Kitty Wells … 

And, given Gene Wilder’s death … ?

This … 

Enjoy your day … 

*        Yep … sounds like there’s negotiations going on, there, Angel!   Incidentally, I know what you mean, about Gangnam Style.   Still, it could’ve been worse: I had Cher Lloyd’s Swagger Jagger banging though my head … for three days … !   It could have been really bad, though … 

†        You know, I STILL have to catch up with more of his work, Debbi!   You know what I’m like, though: it’s taken me this long to see The Shining … !

‡        I’m keeping my fingers crossed she turns up when I’m on shift, Olga: I’d hope there’s not a queue, as well!   Gene’s death’s sad: I’m really going to have to catch up with his work!   (Couldn’t resist that song, yesterday: La Pradera’s singing voice is NOT one you get, every day of the year …)


Angel Frmcanada said...

1. Lesotho
2. Discovery
3. Supreme Court justice
4. Canada
5. Chancellor of the Exchequer

It won't surprise me if AMC shows Blazing Saddles this weekend. So sorry to hear about your grandmother.

We had problems with our router when we were with Bell. Ours went out and the new one they sent us didn't work either. We ended switching to ACN and bought our router, through them, so we don't pay rental fees. It's worked just great for 2 years now.

Olga Nunez Miret said...

Q1) Lesotho
Q2) Discovery
Q3) Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States
Q4) Canada
Q5) Chancellor of the Exchequer

Fingers crossed everything goes well. I'm travelling tomorrow so I don't think I'll have time to catch up but have a great day and I should connect soon.

Debbi said...

You've got to see his films by Mel Brooks! Also, The Silver Streak! :)

1. Gambia
2. Discovery
3. the US Supreme Court
4. Canada
5. Chancellor of the Exchequer