Sunday, 25 December 2016

Dr Who Christmas Special — 25-12-2016: The Return of Dr Mysterio

25th December, 2016.

You know, there’s a very easy way to tell it’s Christmas.

No, really …

For starters?

The amount of presents both given and received?

Is usually a clue.

So’s the date.

So … is the fact there’s a Dr Who Christmas Special, on.

That’s a set of giveaways.

The Return of Dr Mysterio opens in the bedroom of Grant: an eight year-old boy living in New York.

Who?   On Christmas night fights the Doctor, hanging upside down, outside his window.

And who makes the mistake of assuming the ultra powerful alien gemstone he’s handed — with a glass of water, by a doctor — is a cold remedy.

Only to find, over the next few years?

He’s developing all sorts of powers.

And, when the Dr returns to New York, to investigate an organisation called Harmony Shoals?

He finds a familiar figure waiting for him.

Although, admittedly, floating at a window, one hundred floors up.

Talk about something coming back to haunt you …


Now …

Good … ?

Hmm …

Actually, I’m thinking last year’s Christmas special — The Husbands of River Song — was the better episode.

On the other hand?

The Return of Dr Mysterio is a well written episode: with enough nods to comic books heroes to keep everyone happy*.


I think The Husbands of River Song is the better episode.

The Return of Dr Mysterio … ?

The better Christmas special.


Just as a final point?

Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor speaks to Grant and Lucy: of new beginnings, and new starts.

Which could so easily be talking of the new companion, Bill: due to bee seen in Season 10.

I’m thinking we know there’s a change due.

A new companion, and, after Stephen Moffat moves on, to be replaced by Chris Chibnall and co?

A back stage production crew.

I have to ask …

Will Peter Capaldi be going, too … ?

*        There‘s a couple pod references to both Spiderman and Superman, the central figure of Grant is a nod to the Big Blue Boy Scout, himself: and the basic plot — a plan to seize control of Earth with a faked alien invasion — reminiscent of Watchmen.

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