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Nik Nak’s Friday Question Set — 16-12-2016

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Without much further ado: here’s THIS week’s: covered by the usual Creative Commons License*.

Online 357

Q1) Who will become heir to the throne, if Prince Charles dies, before the Queen?
A1) Prince William.

Q2) Oxfam is actually short for what?

Q3) What is the name of the Israeli Parliament?
A3) The Knesset.

Q4) Saint Stephen’s Day is more commonly known as what?

Q5) Octavia Hill founded which national organisation, in 1895?
A5) The National Trust.

Q6) Grand Lodges, & Grand Orients are the head offices of various European branches of what?
A6) The Freemasons.

Q7) The Camorra of Naples, is a branch of which organisation?
A7) The Mafia.

Q8) How many members does the US Senate have?
A8) 100.

Q9) Nicholas Breakspear is the only British person to do what: be elected Pope, walk on the Moon or die, having sex?
A9) Be elected Pope.   (His Papal name was Adrian 4th, and, until the death of John Paul 1st, had shortest reign of any pope)

Q10) What bottle size comes between a Magnum & a Rehoboam?
A10) A Jeroboam.


Q11) Who was Radio One’s first female DJ?
A11) Annie Nightingale.

Q12) Who’s the long serving presenter of I’m Sorry, I Haven’t a Clue?
A12) Humphrey Lyttleton.

Q13) Which Rochdale–born presenter, and protégé of John Peel, is has been BBC Radio’s champion of World Music?
A13) Andy Kershaw.

Q14) Fox FM is the local Radio station for which English University City?
A14) Oxford.

Q15) Roy Plomley was the original presenter of which radio show?
A15) Desert island Discs.

Q16) Which educational institution started broadcasting on radio, in 1971?
A16) The Open University.

Q17) What was the first commercial radio station to be broadcast, back in 1934?
A17) Radio Luxembourg.

Q18) What was London’s first commercial Radio station?
A18) LBC.

Q19) Which nightly reading was launched on BBC radio, in 1949?
A19) Book at Bedtime.

Q20) In which year was The Archers first broadcast: 1951, 1961, or 1971?
A20) 1951.


Q21) Supermodel, Jodie Kidd, has represented Britain at which equine sport?
A21) Polo.

Q22) Which boxer refused to be drafted, in 1967?
A22) Muhammed Ali.

Q23) In which year was the Boat Race first run: 1798, 1877 or 1919?
A23) 1877.

Q24) What was Susan Brown’s sporting first, in 1981?
A24) First woman to steer a winning boat race crew.

Q25) The All-England Club, at Wimbledon, is home to Lawn Tennis, & which other sport?
A25) Croquet.

Q26) What took place in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1875?
A26) The Kentucky Derby.

Q27) What indoor ball game originated at Harrow Public School, in the middle of  the 19th century?
A27) Squash.

Q28) What was significant about Jack Johnson’s heavyweight victory over Tommy Burns, in 1908?
A28) He was the first black champion.

Q29) True or false: the International Olympic Committee say chess is a sport.
A29) True.   (At least it recognises FIDE, the sports international body.)

Q30) Using performance enhancing drugs in sport is known as what?
A30) Doping.


Q31) Which legendary rock band appeared in Coronation Street, in 2005?
A31) Status Quo.

Q32) Who reached number 4, in 1986, with a vocal version of the EastEnders theme tune, called ‘Anyone Can Fall In Love’?
A32) Anita Dobson.  (Better known as Angie Watts)

Q33) Danii Minogue, Kylie’s kid sister, appeared in Home & Away.   What was the name of her character?
A33) Emma Jackson.

Q34) In Neighbours, what was the name of Lou and Harold’s shop?
A34) The General Store.

Q35) In Hollyoaks, what instrument does Rhys Ashworth play?
A35) Drums.

Q36) In Coronation Street, who did Gail describe as “Norman Bates with a briefcase”?
A36) Her husband, Richard Hillman.

Q37) There were two rival families in Dallas: name either.   (Two points for both.)
A37) The Ewings and the Barnes

Q38) In Dallas, what was the name of Pam and Bobby’s adopted son?
A38) Christopher.

Q39) In EastEnders, what term of endearment did Alfie Moon use for Peggy Mitchell?
A39) Duchess.

Q40) Roger Tonge played which character, in the original Crossroads?
A40) Sandy.


Q41) What’s the largest organ inside the Human Body?
A41) The liver.

Q42) What’s the total number of bones in the human body: 154, 206 or 237?
A42) 206.

Q43) What’s the largest vein in the human body?
A43) The Aorta.

Q44) True or False: Crœhns Disease is a chronic inflammatory condition of the lungs.
A44) False.   it’s a bowel condition.

Q45) What is Myopia?
A45) Short-sightedness.

Q46) Which part of the body id the Axilla: the armpit, the foot or the elbow?
A46) The Armpit.

Q47) Name either of the two female sex hormones.   (Two points for for both)
A47) Oestrogen, & progesterone

Q48) Rubella is otherwise known as which disease?
A48) German Measles

Q49) What does the word ‘vascular’ refer to?
A49) The blood vessels.

Q50) Veins do what: take blood to the heart or take blood away from the heart?
A50) Take blood to the heart.


Q51) Thomas Arne’s jingoistic opera, Alfred, brought which song to the British nation?

Q52) Peter Vaughan died in 2016.   who did he play in Porridge?
A52) Genial Harry Grout

Q53) Who was executed by Queen Mary 1st, after her uncle tried putting her on the throne?
A53) Lady Jane Grey.

Q54) Which Indonesian tourist centre was bombed in 2002?
A54) Bali.

Q55) What is NaCl more commonly known as?
A55) Salt.

Q56) In what year was the Great fire of London?
A56) 1666.

Q57) The Unification Church is more commonly known as what?

Q58) Every Part of Me’s Bleeding and The Hut are works by which modern British artist?

Q59) The Eurasian Rock pipit is what: a bat, a bird or a squirrel?
A59) A bird.

Q60) Slovenia first participated in the Olympics, as an independent nation, in which year?
A60) 1992: at the Winter Olympics.

Enjoy them!

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