Friday, 13 July 2012

The Friday Question Set — 13-7-2012

Hmmm … 

Well, THAT seems to be something … 

If you follow my Teasers, you’ll realise I’ve been in to see my doctor’s, today.

Turns out I have Fatty Liver Disorder.

Hmmm … 

Oh, don’t go looking like that,  I gave up drinking, quite some time ago … !

For which I’m truly grateful, I should add … !

My doctor, bless, has told me I’ve got to eat right: but’ll be monitoring me, anyway, just in case … !

But let’s move on, shall we?   It’s Friday, of course, which means the Friday question Set.

Here’s those questions, along with the usual Creative Commons License.
Q1) Bibendum is the cartoon figure best known for advertising what make of tyres?   A1) Michelin.   (It’s the official name of the Michelin Man)
Q2) Which tricky US president made the first telephone call to the moon?   Q2) Richard Nixon.
Q3) Mizaru, Mikazaru and Mazaru are better known the Three … what?   A3) The three wise monkeys: Mizaru (See no evil), Mikazaru (Hear no evil) and Mazaru (Speak no evil).
Q4) What’s another name for a lexicon?   A4) A Dictionary.
Q5) What is the Queen’s official residence in Scotland?   A5) The Palace of Holyrood House.   (Balmoral is her private residence.)
Q6) Vienna is the capital city of which European country?   A6) Austria.
Q7) What name is given to a young deer?   A7) Fawn.
Q8) What name is given to dried plums?   A8) Prunes.
Q9) Which relative gave Dad’s Army actor, Clive Dunn, a hit?   A9) Granddad.
Q10) Which musical note follows Ray: Me, You or Them?   A10) Me.
Q11) Is professional Badminton played indoors, outdoors or both?   A11) Indoors.
Q12) Who fought Muhammed Ali, during the Rumble in the Jungle?   A12) George Foreman.
Q13) Who won the first Pot Black trophy: Ray Reardon, Alex Higgins or Jimmy White?   A13) Ray Reardon.
Q14) Peter O’Sullivan commentated on which sport?   A14) Horse racing.
Q15) In ten pin bowling, what is the surface of the lane made from?   A15) Wood.
Q16) How many disciplines are there, in a triathlon?   (Bonus point for naming one of them.)   A16) Three.   (Swimming, long distance running, and bicycling.)
Q17) From which part of New York do the Globetrotters come from?   A17) Harlem.
Q18) Which German Men’s Wimbledon Champion was born on Billie Jean King’s 23rd birthday?   A18) Boris Becker.
Q19) In which Sheffield theatre is the World Snooker Championships held?   A19) The Crucible.
Q20) When Judo was added to the Olympic programme, in which Far Eastern country was it being held?   A20) Japan.
Q21) Who played the adult Peter Pan, in Hook?   A21) Robin Williams.
Q22) Which Hepburn has received a record 12 Oscar nominations?   A22) Katherine Hepburn.
Q23) Which actor connects Some Like it Hot to The Odd Couple?   A23) Jack Lemmon.
Q24) In which 70’s disaster film is a luxury liner capsized by a tidal wave?   A24) The Poseidon Adventure.
Q25) Who played Steven Ward, in Scandal?   A25) John Hurt.
Q26) This Sporting Life was the debut movie for which Labour MP?   A26) Glenda Jackson.
Q27) Which star of Educating Rita co–owns Langan’s Brasserie in London?   A27) Michael Caine.
Q28) What was Roger Moore’s 2nd film as James Bond?   (Bonus point for naming the villain of the film)   A28) The Man With The Golden Gun.
Q29) What was Anthony Hopkins role, in Bram Stoker’s Dracula?   A29) Van Helsing.
Q30) Which British star of Gandhi played Oscar Schindler’s Jewish accountant, in Schindler’s List?  A30) Ben Kingsley.
Q31) Which two words were combined to form the word ‘brunch’?   A31) Breakfast, and lunch.
Q32) When is Simnel cake eaten?   A32) Easter.
Q33) Which cut of beef was allegedly knighted by an English king?   A33) The Sirloin.   (Although it’s more probably from the French word surlonge)
Q34) What is Tofu made from: Soya Beans, Kidney Beans or Baked Beans?   A34) Soya beans.   (It’s soya bean curd.)
Q35) What additive allegedly causes Chinese Restaurant Syndrome?   A35) Monosodium Glutamate.
Q36) What is rum made from?   A36) Molasses.
Q37) According to the bible, how many fish did Jesus use to feed the 5,000?   A37) Two.
Q38) A Bakewell Tart is made with jam, sugar, eggs, butter, and what else?   A38) Ground almonds.
Q39) Which English king died of ‘… a surfeit of lampreys’: Henry the 1st, Henry the 2nd or Henry the 3rd?   A39) Henry the 1st.
Q40) How many pints in a flagon?A40) Two.
Q41) What nationality is fictional detective, Hercule Poirot?   A41) Belgian.
Q42) In which Gloucester street was Fred & Rosemarie West’s ‘House of Horrors’?   A42) Cromwell Street.
Q43) During the 70’s, which football icon famously stole a fur coat, and passport, from Miss World?   A43) George Best.
Q44) In which month of 1963, was President Kennedy assassinated?   A44) November.
Q45) Which opera character said  “Let the punishment fit the crime”: The Mikado, Madame Butterfly or Miss Saigon?   A45) The Mikado.
Q46) In which year of the 1730’s was Dick Turpin hanged?   A46) 1739.
Q47) In which Scottish city did Burke and Hare operate?   A47) Edinburgh.
Q48) Albert DeSalvo was more notoriously known as the Boston … what?   A48) Strangler.
Q49) Name either body part that went into the pillory?   (Two points for both.)   A49) The neck & wrists.
Q50) At what number, in Rillington Place did John Christie live?   A50) 10.
Q51) What is usually found in a golf course’s bunker?   A51) Sand.
Q52) Who wrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit?   A52) Beatrix Potter.
Q53) The Muslim Holy Book is called the Qur’an; - what is ‘Qur’an’ the Arabic word for: Recite, Write or Word?   A53) Recite.
Q54) Blondie got their first Gold disc from which English speaking country?   A54) Australia.

Q55) Winchester is the county town of which English county?   A55) Hampshire.
Q56) Wifmon is the Anglo-Saxon word for what: Man, Woman or child?   A56) Woman.

Q57) Which wood is traditionally used to make black piano keys?   A57) Ebony.
Q58) Who was the first Doctor Who to record an episode of the show outside the UK?   A58) Tom Baker.
Q59) Who was older, Charles 1st or Oliver Cromwell?   A59) Oliver Cromwell.
Q60) William, It Was Really Nothing, This Charming Man and Hand In Glove were hits for which iconic British band?   A60) The Smiths.

Enjoy those: I’ll catch you later … 

After I’ve left you with some mid 80’s frippery … 

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