Saturday, 14 July 2012

White Noise: Blood, Death … and Static …

You know, one of these days, I think I’m going to have to hit the library.

Just to see if there’s anything there I can rent.

My collection of backed up films is start to get a touch …


Yes, thin, I think is the word.

Mind you … ?

Mind you, saying that, that DOESN’T, of course, rule out the fact one can find the occasional perfectly acceptable, film on TV.

And given I was watching a couple of documentaries, last night, I HAVE to admit I did a little taping: of a 2005 film, White Noise, that I’d been curious to see, ever since I saw the trailers for it, all those years ago.



White Noise sees Michæl Keaton as Jonathan Rivers: a recently bereaved widowed who has lost his second wife, after she seemingly drowned at a nearby river.

Rivers is soon contacted by Raymond Price, played by Ian McNiece,  medium who began work after his own son died, and who specialises in Electronic Voice Phenomena: the phenomena where the dead talk to the still living through the static between tv* and radio stations.

More to the point … ?   Price also claims he can help Rivers pick up the voices of his dearly beloved wife.

Something our hero soon finds himself becoming dangerously obsessed with … 


Now … 

Did I like White Noise … ?

I’ve got to admit, I did, thanking you.

OK, granted, it may not be the most meaningful film, ever made: and the idea of EVP isn’t going to appeal to those of us with either a strongly scientific bent, or more conventional religious beliefs.

But White Noise does make for an entertaining evening’s viewing, and I’d suggest it to you on that basis: don’t expect anything stunning, bar the entertainment.
White Noise

*        If the Analogue TV signal in your area has been switched off, you’ll pick up exactly what we’re talking about if you turn on an old fashioned TV: lot’s of static and white noise … 

Static: © 2012 Paul ‘Nik Nak’ Downie

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