Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Daily Teaser — 28-07-2012

Whooooooah … 

But I feel exhausted … !

As you can possibly imagine, I had a bit of a late night, last.

Along with most of the country.

Watching the 2012 Olympic Games — the Games of the 30th Olympiad — being officially opened.

And … 

Well, I’m none too sure if Danny Boyle’s an artistic genius who’s created a show that’s going to be remembered,

But it was certainly something to see.

ESPECIALLY a certain James Bond escorting the new Bond Girl to the show.

THAT was eye-opening, I know that … !

And the climax, when the cauldron was light … was rather good, too … 

Now … Let’s move on, shall we … ?

Before I start burbling … 


Yesterday’s Teaser saw both Trevor* and Debbi putting in their answers.   With both scoring 10 out of 10, it saw Trevor telling us he had the UK’s flag hanging out of his window, and Debbiª telling us her and her partner’s decision to live in Maryland was dictated by price as much as anything else.

Let’s see how they — and you — do with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the ‘How To’ License and video

Q1) 28th July, 2005, saw the Provisional IRA announce it was ending its armed campaign: what does IRA stand for … ?
Q2) 28th July, 1993, saw which principality join the UN: Andorra, Liechtenstein or Monaco … ?
Q3) 28th July, 1965, saw President Johnson commit 50, 000 US troops to the conflict in which nation … ?
Q4) 28th July, 2001, saw Ian Thorpe become the first swimmer to win how many Gold medals at a World Championships?
Q5) And finally … 28th July, 1914, saw the Austro-Hungarian Empire declare was on which small country … ?
And here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 27th July, 2012, sees the opening of this years Olympic Games: which country’s team leads the parade of athletes at that ceremony … ?   
A1) Greece’s.
Q2) Where will Team GB be, in that parade … ?   
A2) Last: that’s the usual placing for the host nation.
Q3) The artistic director of this year’s opening ceremony has been told to shorten it, over concerns about what … ?   
A3) Public transport.
Q4) More to the point, who is that director … ?   
A4) Danny Boyle.
Q5) On which date was the last Summer Olympic opening ceremony … ?   
A5) 8th August, 2008.   Mostly where 8 is considered a lucky number many East Asian countries.
Q6) More to the point, in which Chinese city was that … ?   
A6) Beijing.
Q7) More to the point, whereabouts did Team GB come in the 2008 Summer Olympic medal table … ?   
A7) 4th: with a total of 47 medals.
Q8) Name either year London previously hosted the Summer Olympics.   
A8) 1908 and 1948.
Q9) More to the point … the 2012 Olympics are the Games of which Olympiad: the 28th, 29th or 30th … ?   
A9) The 30th.
Q10) And finally … what’s the only city to have hosted the Summer Olympics, three times … ?   
A10) As of today … Just London
Enjoy those, everyone.

Given it’s the late Carmen Dragon’s birthday, I’ll leave you with some of the soundtrack from Invasion of the Bodysnatchersº … 

And a quote from Beatrix Potter, JUST as a complete contrast …
“I remember I used to half believe and wholly play with fairies when I was a child. What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood, tempered and balanced by knowledge and common-sense … ”
Beatrix Potter    28 July 1866 – 22 December 1943
Oh … 

And that got played at last night’s ceremony.

You have to wonder, when you hear a certain Mr Lydon’s phrasing, exactly how far Danny Boyle had his tongue stuck in his cheek … 

*        Depends on the circumstances, Trevor, surely … ?   It’s usually only a Jack if it’s on a ship … 

ª        I can imagine, Debbi: when I was younger, I’d’ve loved to live in London, but really couldn’t afford it …

º        Oh, that’s the tune I mentioned, Friday, Debbi … 


trev-v said...

A1 Irish Republican Army (Óglaigh na hÉireann)
A2 Principality of Andorra
A3 Vietnam which at the time consisted of Socialist Republic of Vietnam and South Vietnam.
A4 six
A5 Serbia

A tired but very Proud Englishman after last night.

Debbi said...

Great stuff video-wise! :) I had no idea the Sex Pistols were to perform at the opening ceremonies. Awesome!

1. Irish Republican Army
2. Andorra
3. Vietnam
4. six
5. Serbia