Saturday, 13 October 2012

Merlin Series 5: Arthur’s Bane, Part 2

You know, I knew there was a reason to what Merlin series 5.

I mean, beyond the fact that Katie McGrath is a stunningly gorgeous woman.

Yes, maybe I’d better rephrase that, shouldn’t I … ?   It’s starting to sound like I’m going to murder the President, doesn’t it … ?

Hmmm … 

Cue Mitt Romney … !

No, let’s leave that right there, shall we?   Yes, I think that’s a very good idea … 

At any rate … ?

I’ve just — literally —  finished watching this week’s episode of Merlin — Arthur’s Bane Part 2 — and have to admit to being VERY impressed with the way it’s concluded the Series 5 opener.

Let me try and summarize, if I can.

Carrying on from where Part 1 finished, Part 2 sees Arthur and Merlin escaping from the slave-traders who captured them: and making their way to to Morgana’s base, the Castle Of Ismìr.

Partly to try and find out what Morgana’s up to.

But mostly to rescue Arthur’s men from Morgana’s mines.

Also on the way … ?

We also find out that in the years since Series 4 ended, Morgana — along with Aithusa, the young dragon we saw with her — had been trapped and held captive,

Seemingly at the bottom of some description of empty well.

That’s had it’s effects.

As, in conversation with Mordred, Morgana seems more than a touch angry, lashing out, a couple of times in tonight’s episode.

Morgana is ALSO killed.


And apparently by Mordred: who is knighted by Arthur and asked to join the Round Table.

Hmmm … 

Do you get the feeling that’s going to end in tears* … ?


Now … 

Did I enjoy tonight’s episode … ?

By crikey, yes … !

It nicely rounds off the opening story, and sets things up for the rest of the season: by showing us Gwen’s toughness and brains in the role of Queen, putting both Morgana — and the (probably fatally) stunted Aithusaº — into play for a big climax.

And ALSO puts Mordred right into the heart of Camelot, for a big finish.

Can I be frank … ?

Series Five is looking good.

*        Now, I’ve a feeling that Dr Kevin’s reading this post: just so you know, Kevin, I’ve not read everything Arthurian … but some of my friends have, and — from what I’ve picked up from both them and Wikipedia — the series manages to keep fairly close to the various sources.   And, as I recall, Mordred — as a youngster, back in Series 1 (or possibly 2) — was informally adopted.   By Morgana, just in case you’d read the Wikipedia entry that says they’re related … 

º        There’s a nice scene where Colin Morgan as Merlin, encounters Aithusa: and realises that it may not be able to fly … and cannot, as the adult Dragon voiced by John Hurt can, talk.

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