Friday, 19 October 2012

The Friday Question Set — 19-10-2012

Ta-DAH … !

Once again, we seem to have hit … 

Friday … !

Without anyone getting killed.

Or, at least, anyone I know getting killed.

Or hurt.

 Or seriously disfigured in a bizarre gardening accident.

Hmmm … I’m burbling, aren’t I … ?

That’s the LAST I want to inflict on an otherwise uncomplaining audience.

No, it’s Friday: which means, of course, that a lot of pub quizmaster’s will be tuning in for the Friday Question Set.

Here it is, along with the ‘How To’ and Creative Commons License
Q1) In what board game might you use the Sicilian Defence?   A1) Chess.
Q2) What colour is Cochineal?   Q2) Red.
Q3) Which profession is associated with Saville Row?   A3) Tailoring.
Q4) Who is Sara Mendes da Costa: is she the new voice of the speaking clock, the Queen’s personal assistant or Chief Librarian of the British Museum?   A4) New voice of the Speaking Clock.
Q5) How many dreams per year, does the average person have: 2460, 1460 or 460?   A5) 1460.
Q6) A 1975, Ford Escort GL, normally worth £635 is set to fetch over £2,000,000 at auction.   Who was the famous owner of the car?   A6) John Paul 2nd.
Q7) How was John Merrick better known?   A7) The Elephant Man.
Q8) What does a Udometer measure: air pressure, humidity or rain?   A8) Rain.
Q9) Which army rank is higher, Brigadier or Colonel?   A9) Brigadier.
Q10) What word can go after SPECIAL and before LINE?   A10) BRANCH.
Q11) Hits from which decade were on the soundtrack of Good Morning, Vietnam?   A11) The 1960s.
Q12) Which US singer played Von Ryan in Von Ryan’s Express?   A12) Frank Sinatra.
Q13) How were the 12 convicts recruited for a suicide mission known in the 1967 movie?     A13) The Dirty Dozen.
Q14) In The Colditz Story, what type of building was Colditz?   A14) A castle.
Q15) Which 1963 film about Allied POWs starred James Garner and Steve McQueen?   A15) The Great Escape.
Q16) What type of soldiers were the four Britons in The Wild Geese?   A16) Mercenaries.
.Q17) In which English county were the GI’s billeted in Yanks?   A17) Lancashire..
Q18) Whose cafe was a meeting place for war refugees in Casablanca?   A18) Rick’s Cafe.
Q19) Which musical satire on war was directed by Richard Attenborough?   A19) Oh! What a Lovely War.
Q20) Where was it All Quiet in the classic film made in 1930?   A20) On the Western Front.
Q21) Which Ghanaian player was the first to play for an English football team?   A21) Tony Yeboah.
Q22) Which was the first Australian city to host the Olympics?    A22) Melbourne.
Q23) Which Earl Of Derby gave his name to a race: the 12th, 13th or 14th?   A23) The 12th.
Q24) Which jockey rode 209 winners in 1990?   A24) Pat Eddery.
Q25) In which sport was Gillian Clarke a star: Badminton, Tennis, or Squash?   A25) Badminton.
Q26) The Winnipeg Blue Bombers were a top team in which sport?   A26) Canadian Rules Football.
Q27) Who won the 1990 Baseball World Series: the Cincinnati Reds or the the New York Yankees?   A27) The Cincinnati Reds.
Q28) Graeme Obree broke records in which sport?   A28) Cycling.
Q29) Which English cricketer scored 333 runs in a test match against India?   A29) Graham Gooch.
Q30) Nigel Short played in a World Championship match against Gary Kasparov.   But in which game?   A30) Chess.
Q31) In which far eastern country was the best-seller Wild Swans set?   A31) China.
Q32) Who wrote the tales on which the film The Jungle Book was based?   A32) Rudyard Kipling.
Q33) Which South African’s autobiography is called Long Walk to Freedom?   A33) Nelson Mandela’s.
Q34) What were the Dogs of War in Frederick Forsyth’s novel?   A34) Mercenaries.
Q35) What was the name of Lord Peter Wimsey’s butler: Bunter, Jeeves or Williams?   A35) Bunter.
Q36) Which Oscar-winning script writer wrote the novel Snobs?   A36) Julian Fellowes.
Q37) Which best selling author wrote Deception Point: Terry Pratchett, Dan Brown or John Le Carré?   A37) Dan Brown.
Q38) Which novel by Victor Hugo became a long-running musical?   A38) Les Miserablé.
Q39) What is the name of Bernard Cornwell’s hero, played on TV by Sean Bean?   A39) Sharpe.
Q40) Which politician wrote A Woman’s Place?   A40) Edwina Currie.
Q41) What is the largest island between the North Atlantic, and the Arctic?   A41) Greenland.
Q42) In which European country does the Danube reach the sea?   A42) Romania.
Q43) If your native language is Magyar, what Eastern European country are you from?   A43) Hungary.
Q44) What’s the approximate distance from London to Paris, in miles?   A44) 200.
Q45) What name was given to the treaty signed in Poland, by 8 Eastern Bloc countries in 1955?   A45) The Warsaw Pact.
Q46) Name either of the two languages spoken in Belorussia.   (Two points for both.)   A46) Russian, or Belorussian.
Q47) True or False: Great Britain is a member of OPEC.   A47) False.
Q48) Bratislava is the capital of which east European country?   A48) Slovakia.
Q49) Fado is the folk music of which European country?   A49) Portugal
Q50) In which European city is the UN International Court of Justice?   A50) The Hague.
Q51) Is a quadrogeniarian in their 30s, 40s or 50s.   A51) Their 40s.
Q52) In the famous cartoons, what bird does Wile E Coyote chase but never catch?   A52) Road  Runner.
Q53) Where on your body are the mounts of the Sun, Mercury and Venus?   A53) Your hand.   They’re the various parts of your palm.
Q54) How many times a day do Muslims have to pray: 4, 5 or 6?  A54) 5.
Q55) In mythology, what made Perseus invisible: His cloak, his helmet or his toga?   A55) His helmet.
Q56) What is Cherie Blair’s maiden name?   A56) Cherie Booth.
Q57) Which is the lower house in British politics?   A57) The House of Commons.
Q58) Who is Watford grammar school’s most famous old girl: Sarah Ferguson, Geri Halliwell or Mo Mowlem?   A58) Geri Halliwell.
Q59) What is a quirt: a hammer, a whip or a noose?   A59) A Whip.
Q60) Which word can mean both trousers and breathes heavily?   A60) PANTS.
Enjoy those, everyone.

As reader’s of my regular Daily Teaser will know, today is the birthday of the late drag performer, Divine.

I’ll leave you with a word of advise from him, shall I … ?

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