Thursday, 18 October 2012

Outpost 2: Black Sun: That’s Not Bad, for A Sequel … !

You know, I have to admit, I could seriously get used to iTunes rentals, I really could.

Seriously, all the fun of picking out a movie from the Brentwood branch of Blockbusters.

Without the actually trouble of walking up Warley Hill.

Yes, granted: that would do me some good.

If I was in the mood to have some good done TO me, last night.

Frankly … ?   I fancied a film, last night, had enough in my account to rent one, and really didn’t want to walk up the hill.

And believe it or not, actually managed to find something that caught my eye.

The 2012 Outpost sequel, Outpost 2: Black Sun.

Not that I’ve been following the films, obviously: but having seen the original, some time ago, I definitely wanted to see the follow-up … 


Following on from the first, Outpost 2: Black Sun sees Nazi hunter, Lena*, trying desperately to track down Dr Horst Kreusener, a nazi scientist she believes to have committed some considerable crimes.

And having tracking him to the former Yugoslavia, can only track him to a bunker in the war-torn sticks by a man called Wallaceº: a man who seemingly is concerned to destroy a mysterious machine designed by Kreusener.

The machine that, as we know from the original film, has an unfortunate habit of bringing things back to life.

They’re not the only ones heading for that East European bunker.

It turns out there’s at least one team of NATO troops going there, too.

A team that’s looking to destroy the machine.

Or make sure a large A-bomb does … …


Now … 

Can I honestly say this was a good film … ?

Yes I can.

Now, I know many people find sequels something of a chore: I’m usually one of them.

However, Outpost 2: Black Sun is a very good follow up: somewhat more upbeat than the originalª, and possibly leaving us with more sequels than could be possibly justified.

But no less entertaining for that: I’m put in mind of Alien and Aliens: one set after the other, both within the same universe, both featuring the protagonist and antagonist, but both being — as with the two Outpost films — very different films in terms of feel.

Personally … ?

I’m thinking that if you — like I — enjoyed the original Outpost, then Outpost 2:Black Sun is something you going to want to add to your ‘To See’ list.

Outpost 2:Black Sun   ★★★☆

*        Catherine Steadman.
º        Richard Coyle.

ª        Which had me worried, initially: Outpost’s doom-laden and seemingly irrevocable ending was part of its appeal.

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