Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Daily Teaser — 2-6-2014

You know, I’ve been having a rough few days.

No, really.

And I think it’s about to get worse.

Or surgical, at any rate.

I’ve a hospital appointment, for an ultrasound scan.

For a possible hernia, would you believe!

Frankly, I’m … well, mildly nervous.

Nervous … and slowly starting to feel hungry, as I have to avoid food, prior to the scan.

So … starving, and skint.

We’ll have to see what else I can add, by the end of the week … 

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi* putting in her answers: and bagging nine out of ten.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions and answers, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How Tolicense and video … 

Q1) 2nd July, 1613, saw the first English military expedition to Arcadia, in what’s now the USA.   Arcadia was a North American colony of which European country: France, Germany or Belgium … ?
Q2) 2nd July saw Marconi receive the patent for a radio transmitter: in London.   In which year of the 1890s?
Q3) 2nd June, 1900, saw the first flight of what kind of aircraft: a balloon, a biplane or a Zeppelin?
Q4) 2nd June, 1950, saw the Golden Pavilion at Kinkaku-ji burnt down.   Was the Pavilion a Buddhist temple, Shinto shrine or Sikh Gurdwara?
Q5) Finally … 2nd July, 1992, the IRA admit to killing three men, found overnight at three different roadsides.   For being what … ?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 1st July, 1979, saw Sony debut its Walkman personal stereo.   What did those original Walkmans play: mp3’s, cassettes or records?
A1) Cassettes.
Q2) In which country did Sony first introduce the Walkman … ?
A2) Japan.
Q3) Sony originally marketed the Walkman as the Stowaway: in which European country … ?
A3) The UK.
Q4) Sony introduced their Discman personal stereo in 1984: what did it play, instead of cassettes?
A4) Compact Discs: or CDs, if you’d like to put it that way.
Q5) Sony introduced what it called the Walkman Profession in 1982.   The Professional was capable of doing what: playing video, recording audio or playing playing MP3s?
Q6) After a long law suit, Andreas Pavel has been officially credited with inventing the personal stereo: in 1972.   What did he call his device: the SongStroller, StereoBelt or SingSack?
A6) The StereoBelt: or Stereobelt, if you prefer the proper capitalization.   Pavel And Sony finally settled their dispute in 2003!   (No one noticed SingSack … ?   No … ?   Shame, I worked on that … !)
Q7) Sony introduced a Walkman branded mobile phone in 2005.   Although, strictly, the phones were made by whom?
Q8) The Walkman mp3 players play mp3s.   What does mp stand for, in this case … ?
Q9) Sony introduced a small pocket TV in 1982: what brand-name did they use for it?
A9) The Sony Watchman.
Q10) Finally … When did Sony stop making the cassette based Walkman, in Japan?
A10) 2010.
I’ll leave you with this track … 

And this thought …
“It’s like Blackpool, but on speed, Las Vegas.”
Peter Kay, 2 July 1973.
Have a good day.

*        Oh, TELL me about it, Debbi!

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Debbi said...

I've made a small contribution. I hope it helps.

So sorry to hear about your medical situation. I know about that! :)

1. France
2. 1897
3. a Zeppelin
4. Buddhist
5. informers