Friday, 25 July 2014

the Friday Question Set — 25-7-2014

Well, that’s something … I’ve just had an interview.

In sunny Stratford, would you know.

For a demonstrator’s position, for Sony, in Basildon.

I think it went well.


But … ?

Well, one never knows until one hears, does one … ?

If nothing else, I managed to get a look at the newer generation MacPro, sneaking into the Apple Store, on the way home.

 Oh, and one of the more recent model’s of Mac Mini.
Ha … !

If any of the interviews I’ve managed to line up over the next few weeks turns up, I know what I’d like to treat myself to … 


At any rate, you possibly don’t want me banging on about random stuff, do you … ?


Not on a Friday.

No, it’s a Friday: so that mean’s you’re hear for … The Friday Question Set … !

Here’s this week’s, covered by the usual Creative Commons License* …
Online 258
Q1) How many feet — roughly —  are there in a nautical mile: 6060, 6080 or 6100?
A1) 6080.
Q2) In which country is the city of Osaka?
Q2) Japan.
Q3) Which Phil won the US PGA in 2005?
Q4) What word can go before hole, pie and post?
A4) Pigeon.
Q5) Who was the original drummer with The Who?
Q6) If the first of June is a Monday, what day is the first of July?
A6) Wednesday.
Q7) In the Bible, what is the first book of the New Testament?
A7) Matthew.
Q8) How many minutes in a day: 1440, 1460 or 1480?
A8) 1440.
Q9) In computing, what does the A stand for, in RAM?
A9) Access.
Q10) What name is given to a horizontal bar across a window?
A10) A transom.
Q11) These Boots Are Made For Walking was a big hit for Nancy Sinatra.   Who had a hit with the song in 2005: Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson or Megadeath?
Q12) Who released Rubber Ball, in 1961: Bobby Vee, Bobby Davro or Bobby Socks?
A12) Bobby Vee.
Q13) Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band was recorded by The Beatles.   Who was the album’s producer … ?
Q14) Buddy Holly, and Richie Valens both died in the same airbrush: which other early rocker died in that crash … ?
A14) The Big Bopper.
Q15) Cheryl, Sarah, Nadine, Nicola and Kimberly are the five members of which girlband?
A15) Girls Aloud.
Q16) Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra.   Who’s missing?
A16) Sammy Davies Jnr: they were the three prominent members of the Ratpack.
Q17) Ronan Keating famously recorded a version of Father and Son with Yousef Islam.   How was Yousef Islam known, during the 60s?
A17) Cat Stevens.
Q18) Which children’s presenter famously covered Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini?
A18) Timmy Mallett.
Q19) Who wrote the adult musical, The Rocky Horror Show?
A19) Richard O’Brien.
Q20) Antony, Lee, Duncan and Simon were the members of which boyband?
A20) Blue.
Q21) Who won Oscar’s for both Forrest Gump and Philedelphia?
A21) Tom Hanks.
Q22) Who co-starred with Patrick Swayze, in Ghost?
A22) Demi Moore.   (And Whoopi Goldberg.)
Q23) In the film, Bodyguard, who played Whitney Huston’s bodyguard?
A23) Kevin Costner.
Q24) During the 90’s, Hannibal Lecter was played by Anthony Hopkins, and who else?
A24) Brian Cox.
Q25) Who was the child star of the original Home Alone movie?
A25) Macauley Culkin.
Q26) Simba the cub became what, in a 1994 Disney movie?
A26) The Lion King
Q27) What sort of Proposal did Robert Redford make to Demi Moore?
A27) Indecent.
Q28) What was wrong, in the Oscar winning Wallace and Gromit film?
A28) The trousers.
Q29) Who did Harry meet?
A29) Sally.
Q30) Who played the title role, in Pretty Woman?
A30) Julia Roberts.
Q31) In which Swiss mountain range, is the Jungfrau?
A31) The Swiss Alps.
Q32) Which is the next largest island in the world, after Australia?
A32) Greenland.
Q33) Which seaside resort is Super–Mare?
A33) Weston–Super–Mare.
Q34) On which continent is the Kariba Dam?
A34) Africa.
Q35) Lakes Michigan, Superior, Huron, Erie, and Ontario are collectively known as what?
A35) The Great Lakes.
Q36) If the southern limit of the Tropics is the Tropic of Capricorn, what’s the northern limit?
A36) The Tropic of Cancer.
Q37) Which island is to the immediate south of Australia?
A37) Tasmania.
Q38) Saigon was in the southern part of which country?
A38) Vietnam.
Q39) If you were in Benidorm, which nation would you be in?
A39) Spain.
Q40) Which London palace has a maze?
A40) Hampton Court Palace.
Q41) Which garden herb goes into the sauce that accompanies roast lamb?
A41) Mint.
Q42) In which country did the word ‘Biscuit’ originate?
A42) France.
Q43) What is traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday?
A43) Pancakes.
Q44) What’s another name for French Fries?
A44) Chips. (Accept Julienne Potatoes, if any one spots it!)
Q45) What vegetable can be Desirée, King Edward, or Maris Piper?
A45) The potato.
Q46) What cheese is made backwards?
A46) Edam.
Q47) What sugary substance do Bees make?
A47) Honey.
Q48) What colour is picalilli?
A48) Yellow.
Q49) Tomatin is the site of Scotland’s largest what?
A49) Whiskey distillery.
Q50) The cookery book, Feast featured two large cooking pots on its cover.   Who was its author?
A50) Nigella Lawson.
Q51) What’s the Japanese word for a tidal wave?
A51) Tsunami.
Q52) What does the word ‘economy’ mean, in the original Greek: household management, household cleaning or interior decoration?
Q53) The Welsh Grand National is usually held at which race course … ?
A53) Chepstow.
Q54) In which year of the 1940s was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour?
A54) 1941.
Q55) How many people feature on the cover of John Peel’s autobiography?
A55) Two: John Peel himself, and his wife, Sheila.
Q56) What was the name of the well known electric organ invented in 1934: the Moog, The Hammond or the Yamaha?
A56) The Hammond Organ.
Q57) What classic radio comedy was originally titled Crazy People?
Q58) Hippophobia is a fear of what?
A58) Horses.
Q59) Ikebana is the Japanese art of what: flower arranging, paper folding or heraldry?
Q60) What star sign is that of the Lion?
A60) Leo.
Enjoy those!

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