Friday, 22 August 2014

The Daily Teaser — 22-8-2014: The Loch Ness Monster!

You know, I think I’ve a busy-ish day, today.

The usual job-search up at the Job Centre.

And a training seminar at Brentwood library: on interview technique.

Now, I’ll be frank: I don’t know how much help that’s going to be.

But … ?   Well, I’m glad the Job Centre managed to set it up for me: it’s something I’ve felt needed polishing for some time.

Here’s hoping the polish takes: and bags SOMETHING for me … !

But let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi* putting in her answers: and scoring nine out of ten.

Let’s how everyone does with today’s rather monstrous questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How ToLicense and video

Q1) 22nd August, 564 AD, saw the first recorded sighting of the Loch Ness Monster.   By which saint: Columba, Conleth or Desideratus?
Q2) He’s recorded as having seen the creature, where … ?
Q3) The monster is popularly known as what … ?
Q4) Modern interest in the creature was sparked by Mr and Mrs George Spicer’s sighting of it: in which year of the 1930s?
Q5) The notorious Surgeon’s Photo — taken by Dr Robert Wilson — was published in 1934: in which British paper?
Q6) Many of the Creature’s fans believe it’s a plesiosaur.   In other words, an aquatic dinosaur from which era: Cenozoic, Mesozoic or Paleozoic?
Q7) In April of 2014, the monster apparently showed up where: Apple Maps, the Moon or Lake Titicaca?
Q8) Which Tom Baker era, Dr Who story features a version of the Monster?
Q9) In a throwaway line in Amazon Women on the Moon, the Loch Ness Monster is said to be which Victorian killer?
Q10) Finally … Leslie Charteris story, The Convenient Monster is all about the creature.   Which Charteris character is the hero of the story?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 21st August saw Minamoto no Yoritomo become the first Shogun: in which year of the 1190s … ?
A1) 1192.
Q2) More to the point, that made Yoritomo a medieval military dictator: of which Far Eastern country … ?
A2) Japan.
Q3) Minamoto effectively became his country’s de facto ruler: who — in name, at least — was the county’s actual ruler … ?
Q4) Who’s the current holder of that latter office: Yoshihito, Hirohito or Akhihito … ?
A4) Akhihito.
Q5) What’s that county’s word for the Shogunate: Bakufu, Tofu or Otaku … ?
Q6) The shogun was a military figure: what name was used of this county’s knights … ?
A6) Samurai: or Bushi, if you want the more accurate Japanese term.
Q7) Those knights famously used a long sword called a … what … ?
A7) A katana.
Q8) The feudal lords protected by those knights were called what: dame, dumb or daimyo … ?
A8) Daimyo.
Q9) Moving on, again: which car company produces the ‘Shogun’ range of SUVs and trucks … ?
Q10) And finally … who wrote the 1975 novel, ‘Shogun’ … ?
I’ll leave you with this tune by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band … 

And this thought …
“Some people in Inverness aren’t keen on collaring the monster, and you can’t blame them: An old prophecy predicts a violent end for Inverness if the monster is ever captured.”
Danforth Prince.
Have a good day … 

*        *Groans*.    Ohh, that bad, Debbi!  :D  (Oh, enjoy the tune, by the way: not that I know much about Alex and the boys, but that’s a tune.)

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Debbi said...

Will do! Have you noticed my return to FB?

1. Columba
2. the River Ness
3. Nessie
4. 1933
5. The Daily Mail
6. Mesozoic
7. Apple Maps
8. Terror of the Zygons
9. Jack the Ripper
10. The Saint, aka Simon Templar