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The Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser — 16-9-2015: Sailing By … 

Right … 

It’s Wednesday.

You know that, obviously.

Which means I’m working: again.   Not that I’m complaining, there, obviously: it DOES pay for DVDs.

He says, frantically eyeballing his Amazon wish list … !

At ANY rate … ?

Let’s get telling you today’s questions, shall we?


At any rate, it’s Wednesday: which means, of course, it’s time for the Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser.

Here’s this week’s set: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* …
Q1) 16th September saw the Pilgrim Fathers leave England: what was the name of the ship they sailed on?
Q2) What kind of ship was it: a warship, a cargo vessel or passenger ship?
Q3) Both ship and passengers set sail from which English port: Portsmouth, Bristol or Plymouth?
Q4) Many of the Pilgrim Fathers leaders had fled England, a few years earlier: and lived in Leiden.   Leiden is in which European country: Germany, the Netherlands or Belgium?
Q5) The colonists originally went in two ships: one of which was left behind, as it leaked!   What was that abandoned ship’s name?
Q6) Christopher Jones was the ship’s what: Captain, surgeon or cooper?
Q7) How many passenger did the Pilgrim Father’s ship carry: 102, 103 or 104?
Q8) The Pilgrim Fathers eventually disembarked in North America: in what’s now which US state?
Q9) The colony the Fathers set up was called … what?
Q10) The religious service the Pilgrim Fathers gave, to celebrate their safe arrival in America, is now remembered as the first what?
Here’s last week’s questions and answers …
Q1) 9th September saw the birth of Leo Tolstoy.   In which year of the 1820s?
Q2) He was born under which name: Leo, Lev or Lee?
Q3) Which noble rank did Tolstoy hold?
Q4) Tolstoy’s middle name — Nikolayevich — is a patronymic.   In other words, it tells us the name of his: mother, father or paternal grandfather?
Q5) Tolstoy was born at the family estate: Yasnaya Polyana.   The name of the estate means Bright what: Glen, Glade or Garden?
Q6) Tolstoy’s final short novel, Hadji Murat, was published posthumously.   In which year: 1911, 1912 or 1913?
Q7) His short story, Sevastopol Sketches, was about his experiences in which war: the Invasion of Northern Kyrgyzstan, the Crimean War or the January Uprising?
Q8) His 1863 novel, Kazaki, is usually called what, in English: The Cossacks, The Kazakhs or The Chechens?
Q9) His novel, Anna Karenina, focuses on Princess Anna Arkadyevna Karenina.   What’s her family name?
Q10) Finally … Tolstoy’s other best known work is War and Peace.   The novel was published, in its complete form, in which year of the 1860s?
A1) 1828.
A2) Lev.
A3) Count.   (The actual Russian title was Граф: or Graf.)
A4) Father.
A5) Glade.
A6) 1912.
A7) The Crimean War.
A8) The Cossacks.
A9) Karenin.   Anna, as many female Russians, would use Karenina: the female version of the family name.   Maria Sharapova, for example, is a female member of the Sharapov family.   Saying that?   The correct translation is still hotly debated.
A10) 1869.
Have a good day … 

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