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The Friday Question Set — 4-9-2015

That’s something sad, done … 

You’ve possibly realised I’m a Terry Pratchett fan, haven’t you?

I am, if you hadn’t realised.

And I’m one who’s just ordered his last book, The Shepard’s Crown through Amazon.

Much as I’d LIKE to have got it from my local branch of Waterstone’s, it’s actually a couple of quid cheaper, that way.

I have to confess: I felt sad about ordering it.

It is, after all, my favourite author ’s last book.

That’s not when I’m expecting things to get really bad.

I’m expecting things to get really sad, when I’ve actually finished the thing.

That’s when I’m expecting the Onion Fairy* to turn up … 


But let’s move on, shall we?

Yes, let’s.

After all, it’s Friday.

Which mean’s it’s time for the Friday Question Set.

Here’s this week’s, covered by the usual Creative Commons License† … 

Online 312

Q1) What rank should a British army Lieutenant reach, before being promoted to the rank of Major?
A1) Captain.

Q2) Members of which Indian religion won the most Victoria Crosses’ during World War One?
Q2) Sikhism.

Q3) Which part of France does a Breton come from?
A3) Brittany.

Q4) How wide is a cricket wicket, in inches?
A4) 9 inches.

Q5) Which South American country’s has a name that translates as Rich Coast?

Q6) Dalziel & Pascoe is set in which English county?
A6) Yorkshire.

Q7) How many finger holes are there in a ten pin bowling ball?
A7) Three.

Q8) Vaduz is the capital of which small European nation?

Q9) Which comic book character has a friend called Pie Face, and a pig called Rasher?

Q10) What precious stone is an appropriate gift for one’s 45th wedding anniversary?
A10) Sapphire.


Q11) Peter Dinklage plays a regular character in Game of Thrones.   WHICH character?
A11) Tyrion Lannister.   (He’s the dwarf character: and younger brother of Cersei and Jaime Lannister.)

Q12) Who was the first Black artist to have a video played on MTV?
A12) Herbie Hancock.

Q13) What sort of TV show does Sophie Grigson present?
A13) Cookery.

Q14) In A Touch of Frost, what’s the profession of Jack Frost?
A14) Policeman.

Q15) What’s the BBC’s long–running hymn singing programme called?
A15) Songs of Praise.

Q16) In which US TV show do Mulder & Scully appear?
A16) The X–Files.

Q17) Bren, Twinkle & Dolly appear in which Victoria Wood comedy?
A17) Dinnerladies.

Q18) What is the programme Top Gear about?
A18) Motoring, & cars.

Q19) Which Sean starred as Sharpe?
A19) Sean Bean.

Q20) Characters Josh Griffiths, Tess Bateman, & Tina Seabrook appear in which medical drama?
A20) Casualty


Q21) Which band released Surfin’ USA?
A21) The Beach Boys.

Q22) Mickey Dolenz found fame with which ape–like 60s band?
A22) The Monkees.

Q23) Eminem sampled which Dido song, on his hit, Stan?
A23) Thank You.

Q24) Work It & Get Ur Freak On were hits for which US rapper?
A24) Missy Elliot.

Q25) Space Oddity was the first chart entry for which male British singer?
A25) Davis Bowie.

Q26) How many number 1s did John Lennon have, after his death?
A26) Three.

Q27) I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing was the 1st UK top ten hit for which US rock band?
A27) Aerosmith.

Q28) Ali Campbell was the lead singer with which UK reggae band?
A28) UB40.

Q29) Affinity, Kube and WOXY, are all internet only what?

Q30) Ride of the Valkyries was written by which German composer?


Q31) In which city is the National Railway Musuem?
A31) York.

Q32) What’s the maximum number of player’s in each game, at a poker tournament?
A32) Eight.

Q33) The name of the Chinese game ‘Mah Jong’ translate into what bird’s name?
A33) Sparrow.

Q34) Chemin de Fer is what: a card game, board game or video game?
A34) Card game.

Q35) What is Numismatics: teddy–bear collecting, coin collecting or stamp collecting?
A35) Coin collecting.

Q36) How many wheels are there on a normal skateboard?
A36) Four.

Q37) Alfred Wainwright wrote about what: angling, fell walking or mountain climbing?
A37) Fell walking.

Q38) Bonsai trees come from where: Japan, China or Thailand?
A38) Japan.

Q39) Calligraphy is what, artistic handwriting, or Movie criticism?
A39) Artistic handwriting.

Q40) What do British stamp not have on them: the price of the stamp, the name of the country they’re from or the Queen’s head?
A40) The name of the country they’re from.


Q41) Who were the opponents when Michael Owen scored his 1st goal for Newcastle?
A41) Blackburn.

Q42) Which city does striker Chris Armstrong come from?
A42) Newcastle.

Q43) In the 2005 Hungarian Grand Prix, who did Fernando Alonso have a collision with: Ralf Schumacher, or Michael Schumacher?
A43) Ralf.

Q44) Which British driver was the 1st to win 7 Grand Prix’s, in a year?
A44) Jim Clark.

Q45) Which snooker player was known as ‘…the Hurricane’?
A45) Alex Higgins.

Q46) Fast bowler, Shaun Pollock plays cricket for which country?
A46) South Africa.

Q47) Which record breaking athlete later became a Lord, and helped get the 2012 Olympics, for London?
A47) Sebastian Coe. (Accept Seb Coe)

Q48) Which team scored in the 1st minute of the 1997 FA Cup Final.
A48) Chelsea.

Q49) On which racecourse is the San Marino Grand Prix held?
A49) Imola.

Q50) What sport takes place on the Cresta Run: horse racing, Bobsleigh or F1 racing?
A50) Bobsleigh.


Q51) David Marks, & Julia Barfield designed which London landmark?
A51) The London Eye.

Q52) In which county is the Duke of Norfolk’s home, Arundel Castle?

Q53) Jamie Foxx won a Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of which musician?

Q54) What’s the largest city in Switzerland: Zurich, Bern or Geneva?
A54) Zurich.

Q55) Who wrote Eyeless in Gaza: Aldous Huxley, Graeme Greene or Auberon Waugh?

Q56) Apiphobia is an unreasoning fear of which insect?
A56) Bees.

Q57) In what war were tanks 1st used: WW1, the Boer War, or WW2?
A57) WW1.

Q58) What’s the only English anagram of the word, PROCREATION?

Q59) What’s 5 squared?
A59) 25.

Q60) In which TV sitcom did Saffron & Bubble appear?

Enjoy those: I hope they’re useful … 

*        I’m a member of the Discworld Monthly Facebook page.   The phrase, ‘Onion Fairy,’ has been used quite a lot, by many of us.   It’s an invisible fairy that smells of onions: and makes people cry, when it turns up … 

†        All that means is that you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes: including the Teasers, Gazette Teasers and the Friday Question Sets.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original authors credit on your event’s flyers or posters, or on the night: and, if you republish them, give me an original authors credit AND republish under the same license.   A link back to the site — and to the Gazette’s, if that’s where you’ve found these — would be appreciated: as would pressing my donate button, here.

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