Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Sleeping Room — Hmmm … 

15th September, 2015

Hmmm … 

How long have you been following Nik Nak’s Old Peculiar?

If you don’t mind my asking?

Hopefully, it’s for as long as however you feel comfortable doing.

And, hopefully … ?   Long enough to realise I like a film or two.

And try my damnedest to tell people about them, afterwards.

I’ve had a free night, tonight.

I’ve had money in my iTunes account.

And frankly … ?   An urge to catch … something … 

The something in questions … ?   Was the crowd funded, 2014, John Shackleton film: The Sleeping Room.

And yes … I think ‘Hmmm’ is appropriate … 


Set in modern day Brighton, The Sleeping Room tells us about Blue: a troubled 19-year-old runaway, working as a call-girl.

A call girl one day hired by Bill: a restorer working on an old town house that had — in its past — double as both a bordello that had seen some nasty goings on, and as a care home where Blue’s mother had — at one point — shot her own parents.

As the story unfolds?

Blue slowly finds out more about her mother’s parents.

AND their connection to Fiskin, the pimp who’d run the bordello.

You can TELL this is going to end badly, can’t you … ?


Now … 

Hmmm … ?

Yes … 

Hmmm … !

I’ve got to admit to having hired The Sleeping Room in the awareness that it’s a low budget, British made, independent film.

Something I’ve seen before: and come away with … mixed feelings about.

After all, they can be a good example of pot luck.

Frankly … ?

The Sleeping Room is another film I’m walking away from: again, with mixed feelings.

I’m thinking it’s reminds Absentia: something I saw some time ago.

Both are low budget.   Both indie films.

And both, I think, something akin to the demo tapes that DJ John Peel received in the thousands.

The Sleeping Room is a film that isn’t perfect*: is a long way from perfect.

It’s choppy, with scenes jumping and characters interacting in ways that seem a touch disjointed.

However, it’s also sort of a watchable imperfect: you can, if you’re prepared to stay with it, see where it‘s going,

Personally … ?

I think The Sleeping Room, much like Absentia, probably deserves a remake.

The seeds of a good film are there, even if The Sleeping Room isn’t a stunner.
The Sleeping Room

*        Possibly about the best low-budget Brit flicks I’ve seen … ?   Outcast.   Oh, and Kill List.   Both are worth checking out, if you can find them … 

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