Sunday, 1 November 2015

Dr Who Series 9: Episode 7 — The Zygon Invasion

It has to be said, it’s not that often I start a blog post up, this late.

Well … 

Not for a while, at any rate.

But I wanted to continue something that’s because a tradition for me: at least, after all this time.


I’ve seen tonight’s episode of Dr Who: episode 7, of series 9, of the rebooted series, called The Zygon Invasion.

And, boy, it’s good.


The Zygon Invasion opens with a brief recap of events in The Day Of The Doctor: reminding us that Zygons had — eventually — formed a peace treaty with the people of Earth.

A peace treaty had had held until a splinter faction of Zygons kidnap Osgood — she and her Zygon duplicate were guarantors of the treaty — with the intent of starting a war.

The Doctors decides to help: resuming his role as world president in the process, and heading to a small town in the Baltics, and asking Kate Stuart to investigate the small New Mexican town of Truth or Consequences*, delegating Clara to both protect the UK.

Things go downhill from there … 

When the troop Clara’s leading … find SOMETHING nasty under the streets of London.

Kate ends up finding the one apparent human being left in New Mexico.

And the Doctor … ?

Getting into all sorts of trouble … 


Now … good … ?

Oh, yes … !

The first six episodes of series 9 have, I feel, proved themselves to be of very good quality.

At least, that’s my opinion.

Episode 7?   The Zygon Invasion?

Is no exception.   It’s a fantastic little action packed episode: and having enough old school paranoia to keep everyone guessing about who’s who.


I’m looking forward to next weeks episode.

Especially as I’ve the next few days off!

*        It’s named after a radio game show.   Any towns in California that want to call themselves ‘Nik Nak’s Old Peculiar,’ are welcome to.   So long as I get plane tickets and free hotel stays,  to any junket they organise as a result … 

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