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Penny Dreadful — Series 2 - Episodes 9 & 10: And Hell Itself Is My Only Foe & And They Were Enemies … 

You know, that’s going to be frustrating.

There’s going to be a bit of a gap, until the airing of series 3!


As you might have noticed, I tend to like a good TV series.

For, of course, a given value of ‘good,’ ‘TV’ and ‘series,’ obviously.

And, over the past few weeks?   I’ve been binge watching the box-sets of series one and two of Penny Dreadful.

In fact, I’ve watched Series two, over the past few days: watching episodes nine and ten — And Hell Itself Is My Only Foe and And They Were Enemies — tonight

I’ve come to one conclusion.

Quite simply this.

Penny Dreadful’s bloody FANTASTIC!


Episodes Nine — And Hell Itself Is My Only Foe — sees Vanessa (Eva Green) heading for the mansion home of Mrs Poole (Helen McRory): Vanessa has found that Sir Malcolm has been lured there, after Mrs Poole’s enchantment of him has failed.   And despite her fellows insistence they should go during the day, when the witches are less powerful.   It ALSO sees Lily Frankenstein finding her way to the house of Dorian Gray … where Lily finds Dorian to be a man after her own heart.

Episode Ten — And They Were Enemies — sees Vanessa facing down the Devil himself: whilst Sir Malcolm and Dr Frankenstein are paralysed by hallucinations of their nearest and dearest.   It ALSO sees Sembene (Danny Sapani) killed: by Ethan (Josh Hartnett), as the full moon does its work.   Once Mrs Poole is finally destroyed … ?   Things go from bad to worse for our heroes.   And, little do they realise that Hecate Poole (Sarah Greene) has survived the night: taking her mothers doll making kit with her … 


Now … 

Saying ‘Bloody Fantastic’ about series 2 of Penny Dreadful … ?

Yes … I think I’m justified, there.

After all, the series is produced by near enough the same producers as the more recents entries in Eon Productions’ James Bond series of films.

Certainly by the pair at the heart of the film and series, writer, John Logan, and reducer/director, Sam Mendes.

And, while I think that the most recent entry in the series, SPECTRE, to be the weakest of the series, it is still a damn good film.

It’s ALSO got a fantastic over-all cast.   As far as I’m concerned, the series belongs to Eva Green, as Vanessa Ives.   But each of the main cast — Dalton, Piper, Treadaway, Kinnear (in particular), Carney* and Beale† — are incredibly strong: each of the ensemble would look the weaker if not for the rest of the team.

What’s more?   In Story terms, this particular series has come to a VERY good conclusion.

The point I’m trying to make, here?

Is that the Mendes/Logan partnership has made some very good Bond movies.

The individual actors, and crew, made very good films and TV.

In the shape of Penny Dreadful?

They’ve collectively made a very good show.

And, given the third series is out, next year?

One that’s left me waiting — impatiently! — for more!

*        I can’t help but think Reeve Carney’s the weakest member of the cast.   But, to be fair to the man, he’s surrounded by some very good co-stars.   I also note, from his Wikipedia entry, that he’s a singer-songwriter.   It’s a clique to describe him as a debauched musician: and possibly doing Mr Carney down.   But getting a debauched rocker to play the equally debauched Dorian Grey … ?   Makes A certain amount of sense …

†        Simon Russell Beale’s character, the only SLIGHTLY camp Ferdinand Lyle, had the best line of the whole of season 2: “Never underestimate a queen with lovely hair!”

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