Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Penny Dreadful — Series 2 - Episodes 1, 2 & 3: Fresh Hell, Verdis Diablo & The Nightcomers.

Did I mention I’ve a few days off from work?

I’ve worked for them, I’ve earnt them, and I’m bloody well going to enjoy them.

But can’t help but feel … that I’ve only SO much time to spare.

In between writing the Teasers, attending a leaving do for someone at work, watching Hotel Transylvania 2 with my youngest sister, and my nephew, and what ever ELSE I’ve got planned?

I’m starting to feel …

Well … 

Oversubscribed, let’s put it that way.

It’s only tonight I’ve managed to get some me time: and catch up with a few episodes from a recently acquired box-set.

The recently acquired Sky/Showtime second series of Penny Dreadful.

You’d kind of guessed I’d be talking about that one, wouldn’t you … ?


If you’ve been reading Nik Nak’s Old Peculiar for a while, you’d realise I’m something of a fan fan of TV series: and of movies.

But try to be a bit … selective … about what I watch.

And purchase.

After all, having been unemployed for many years, and only recently back at work, means I tend to be a bit choosy about what I watch: not having the luxury of much money.

One recent find, earlier this year?

Was series one of Penny Dreadful.

Something I found extremely watchable: and, thankfully, available as a box-set.

Not having access to the Sky TV channels it was originally broadcast on, I found it’s availability as a set of reasonably priced DVDs very handy.

On top of that?

The fact that first season was of a very high standard — beautifully cast, well scripted and with production values I don’t usually see on free-to-air TV shows — was a godsend.

And had me convinced watching the second series was something I should be doing.


I caught the first three episodes of that second series.

Episode 1 — Fresh Hell — gives us a brief overview of season one, as its pre-title teaser.   And, in the episode itself, re-acquaints us with the series main ensemble.   Shows us Ethan on the point of leaving London, after the Mariner’s Inn Massacre.   Shows us Caliban finding work in a wax works, and meeting Lily, the reborn Brona.   Shows us Sir Malcolm coming back to London, after Mina’s funeral.   And shows us a troubled Vanessa: in the course of a coach trip with Ethan, the pair are attacked … by something … 

Episode 2 — Verbis Diablo — shows us the villain Evelyn Poole, reintroduced in episode one, after a cameo in the first series.   Poole is not only a genuinely powerful medium: but ALSO an evil witch.   One very interested in both Sir Malcolm, and in Vanessa.   It ALSO reacquaints us with Ferdinand Lyle.   The Egyptologist helps our heroes in tracking down rare manuscripts dealing with the Verbis Diablo, an ancient, and very demonic, language.   But DOESN’T tell them he’s working — occasionally — for Poole.

Episode 3 — The Nightcomers — tells us more of Vanessa’s powers: and how she was trained in their use by The Cut Wife of Ballentree Moor: an ageing witch living who, as it turns out, knows more About Evelyn Poole than we at first assume.


Now … ?


Good … ?


Although I must to confess to not being AS impressed with what I’ve seen of Season 2, as I was with sea on 1.

I say that … because I know both series, thus far, have done me proud: in being very good quality TV.

Series two has maintained that high standard: done exactly what I expected it to do, in other words.


I have to point out that episode 3 — The Nightcomers — has exceeded my expectations.

It’s not only a bloody good episode of Penny Dreadful, but a fantastic piece of TV, in and of itself.   And, frankly?   A fantastically sympathetic character, in the shape of the Cut Wife, Vanessa’s mentor, played by Patti LuPone.

If anyone were needed to play Granny Weatherwax in a Discworld TV series?

Going on her performance in The Nightcomers, I’d INSIST they phone Patti …

At ANY rate … ?   At any rate, I think series 2 of Penny Dreadful is certainly meeting my expectations.

I’m keeping watching: I don’t know about you!

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