Friday, 6 November 2015

Penny Dreadful — Series 2 - Episodes 4, 5 & 6: Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places, Above the Vaulted Sky & Glorious Horrors

You know, there comes a time in a man’s life, when he sits back … and admits TV is changing.

Or, at least, his tastes in TV are changing.

Or, at least, that he’s done the stuff he needs to do … and just wants to spend a night in front of the TV.

For want of something ELSE to do, that is.

As you might know, I’ve not got that much in the way of cash.

I work, part-time.   So don’t have much in the way of spare cash — after paying the bills — to spend on fripperies: like a Sky, Netflix or BT TV subscription.

When I hear of a movie I wish to see at home?   I tend to rent it from iTunes: paying for any rentals with the credit I put on my account with an iTunes gift card.

These days … ?

If I hear about a TV series that seems interesting?   I tend to buy the DVD box-set.

And make use of Collins Dictionary’s Word of 2015.

I binge watch … !

And, as you can possibly imagine, after last night?

I‘ve been binge binge the Sky/Showtime co-production that is series two … of Penny Dreadful.

And yes … it’s improving … 


Episode 4 — Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places — sees Ferdinand Lyle — Simon Russell Beale — telling our heroes about the Verbis Diablo, the language spoken by demonic beings: and how Lucifer, himself, is said to have narrated his life-story to a deranged monk.   He and Sir Malcolm have worked out that parts of the relics are a prophecy dealing with Vanessa, played by Eva Green.   It ALSO sees Hecate trying to win the affections of Ehten, played by Josh Hartnett.

Episode 5 — Above the Vaulted Sky — sees Ethen, Sir Malcolm — Timothy Dalton —, Vanessa and Sembene — Danny Sapani — besieged at the Harker family home, where they come under attack from the Night-comers.   It’s only after they’ve seen off their attackers, our heroes decide they can relax.   Without realising, until the end of the episode, that Sir Malcolm’s wife has died at her own hand.   And without knowing that Evelyn Poole has hair from both Vanessa and Sir Malcolm: intent on using sympathetic magic to curse them.

Episode 6 — Glorious Horrors — is somewhat calmer … but does see Sir Malcolm become increasingly besotted with Evelyn.   And Dorian invite Vanessa, Sir Malcolm, Evelyn, Dr Frankenstein, and Lily, to the ball he’s holding to honour his new partner, Angelique.   Let’s just say the ball … ends with Vanessa, fainting away.   And with Sembene discovering SOMETHING about ethan.


Now … ?

Good … ?

Impressive … ?

That’s a great big yes, to both.

I have to add, this second season of Penny Dreadful is just warming up.

Regular cast and crew are doing their usual sterling job: with Eva Green and Rory Kinnear doing some superb work.

Especially in their scenes with each other.   There’s one scene — in Episode 5, Above the Vaulted Sky — where Vanessa and Caliban* (Rory Kinnear) are having a friendly talk: and Caliban, calling himself John Clare, confesses he can’t dance.

So Vanessa teaches him a few basic waltz steps.

It’s beautiful!

It’s two friends, having a polite natter, about their respective love-lives … and giving each other some much need support through a simple dance.


There’s ALSO Helen McRory, as Evelyn Poole, the villain of the piece.

Did you see Gotham, on Channel Five?   When they showed the first series?

There’s very few strong female characters.

Genre TV — horror, SF, comic book, what have you — seems to knock them out.

Along with strong female villains.

The reason I mention Gotham, is that’s just the most recent series to have a strong female villain: in the shape of Jada Pinkett Smith’s character, Fish Mooney.

I should ALSO add Dr Who is also contributing: Michelle Gomez’s take on the Master is both villainous, believable … and funny.   So funny, it hurts!

Blake’s Seven also provided one: Servalan, played by Jacqueline Pearce.   (Although, arguably, Simon Russell Beale as Ferdinand Lyle is the ONLY character more over the top than Servalan!)

Well … 

I think we can add Helen McRory as Evelyn Poole to that list.

She is rather impressive …

She … 

And the series to date … 


*        The Creature takes the name from a favourite poet.

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