Monday, 27 June 2016

13Hrs/Night Wolf — The return of the 99p Rental

27th June, 2016.

You know, I HAVE to confess … 

I like a movie … 

Now and again!

Frankly, I’ve been working, erratically, these past few weeks: AND putting a lot of effort into the blog.

Finished off an interesting Teaser, today: and helped an old friend proof-reading an early couple of blog-posts.

The friend in question is someone I’ve known for sometime: and both bright, young and just starting writing.

If you DO see her stuff out there, please, be encouraging: she IS only young!

At ANY rate … !

At any rate, I’ve had time off, today.

Time off that I’ve … 

Frankly, looking forward to catching a film.

I had thought to catch up with the 1997 science-fiction/horror film, Event Horizon.

But that … ?   Hadn’t finished ripping, by the time I wanted to see it.

So … I mooched through the iTunes store to see what I could see.

I’ve got a pile of movies on an internal drive I use as storage.

Including the film I saw, tonight.

The film … ?   Was the Jonathan Glendening directed, 13Hrs.

The fact iTunes had it as a 99p rental?   Got me thinking I should see it.

Those can be surpringly good for the price.

13Hrs — titled Night Wolf in the US — sees Sarah (Isabella Calthorpe) return to the family home in one of the sleepier parts of Sussex.   Returning to a step-father (Simon MacCorkindale) in two minds about her mother mother.

Who, seemingly?   Has a lover she mets, very infrequently, in Scotland.

Sarah ALSO arrives to find her half-brothers — Steven, Charlie and Luke, — accompanied by Emily, Steven’s girlfriend, Doug, Sarah’s ex, and Gary, an old friend having a party in the barn.

It’s only when the group run out of beer, they decide to go back to the house.

Only to find it in darkness … 

Darkness, in a storm, under a full moon … 

With SOMETHING coming out of the night to get them … 


Now … 

I know ‘surprisingly good’ can be a bit too much like high praise, sometimes: especially if you see the stars marking I’m going to give this.


But I think 13Hrs isn’t necessarily the most original of horrors.   The twist ending is probably guessable, the fight between two creatures at the end, a touch cliched.

And the identity of ONE of the werewolves is telegraphed halfway through the film.

But … ?!

OK, granted 13Hrs is a little obvious.

But it’s also a nicely put together film and sees: 

An ensemble cast who work well together, and are convincing in their roles.
A competently done script.
And special effects that aren’t expensive: but well handled, and that add to the scares instead of detracting from them.

OK, granted, 13Hrs isn’t going to win an oscar.

But IS a nicely done low budget film.

And an entertaining one, at that … 


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