Monday, 6 June 2016

The Strain Series 2: Episodes 1 and 2 — BK, NY and By Any Means … 

Well … 

The hospital visit seemed to go well … 

I’ve had today booked off, so you know.

Mostly?   Well, mostly because I had a hospital appointment, today: in Basildon.

Nothing too drastic, I should add.

Basically checking on my kidney function.

At any rate … ?

With this much time off?

With this much time off, I have to admit, I really fancied binge-watching a TV show.

Having finished with series three of House of Cards, not yet having a copy of Penny Dreadful, and being nowhere near the new series of Dr Who?

The only other option was something that’s been sitting on my hard drive for a few months, now.

You may have guessed from the image … 

Yes: that’s right.

Series two of The Strain: at least the first two episodes … 

Handy it was there, wasn’t it … ?

Episode 1 — BK, NY — shows us a Abraham Setrakian as a child: being told a scary tale of a Polish nobleman, Josef Sardu, who is killed by a strigoi whilst hunting.

The scene shifts to the modern day: where Setrakian (David Bradley) has followed the injured Master underground.   Only to find Gus (Miguel Gomez), in league with a mysterious strigoi (Vaun — Stephen McHattie) who has something of a deal for Setrakian.

Back at base?   Back at base, Setrakian and the team raid a storage facility: where he has left significant amounts of weaponry: AND notes.

And Eph (Corey Stoll) and Nora (Mia Maestro)?   In the process of getting the gear, a couple hiding in the selg-storage site fall victim to a marauding strigoi.

Eph and Nora are sympathetic.   But realise they need living strigoi victims … 

If they’re to research a cure … 

Episode 2By Any Means — is a mix of modern day, and flashbacks to 1965.   Back in 1965, we learn Abraham is a university lecturer in Vienna: teaching students about vampire mythology: until the day a wheelchair bound Eldritch Palmer introduces himself.   Palmer … ?   Is looking for a certain cane … 

In the modern day?   In the modern day, Eichhorst is discussing the Master’s upcoming plans: for a ritual that will transfer his soul into a new body.

Fet (Kevin Durand) and Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas), one the other hand?   Are out on patrol: making sure area around their base is secure, as only they can.


Now … 

Handy … ?

Actually, yes it bloody well WAS, thanking you!

At least handy that I’ve had the series sitting around for a while.

And … ?

“Is this second series looking good, Paul?” I hear you ask.

Going on these two episodes, yes it is, thanking you.

Granted, the scene changes is a little abrupt.   The cast do seem — occasionally — to have trouble keeping up.   And episode one seems a little choppier than episode two.

But whilst cast, writers and crew are making a series that’s arguably flawed: they’re making one that is very watchable, despite all that.

It’s also one that whizzes past at a fast pace of knots!


Personally, I’m glad I bought series two of The Strain.

Good TV is hard to find: and rare.   Rompingly good horror, even rarer.

The Strain is certainly one of those rarities

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