Thursday, 9 June 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 9-6-2016

Hmmm … 

I don’t know if you follow the news, but I mentioned that the deadline to register to vote in the EU Referendum was midnight on Tuesday: a couple of days ago, now.

Tuesday came and went: as did the deadline.

As did the news — yesterday — that the website had crashed, overloaded by people trying to register at the last minute.

Effectively, it was a jammed switchboard: there was more people trying to phone in, than phones for them to phone in on.

To remedy that?

The deadline’s been extended: with support from both the Government, and from the Electoral Commission.

I tend to think that’s a good thing: the more people vote, the better.

I do know electoral law is a complicated thing: and that legal challenges, on the grounds of Gerrymandering are on-going.


I can’t help but think a couple of things.

Frankly, I think a lot of people could have registered for the referendum a LOT earlier than they did.   That could well have saved a lot of trouble.

I’m ALSO think a couple of other things.

For starters, I think whoever runs the website for the government should maybe have foreseen this happening: and made provision to increase the bandwidth in anticipation of a last minute rush.

I’m also thinking this.   There’s legal challenges already going ahead against the extension.

I think the government, working with the relevant bodies, should modify UK law.   I think we need to have something in place, before the next general elction or referendum, that allows a similar extension the next time something like this happens.

Technology being what it is, I’m sure this will happen again.


But let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi* putting in her answers: scoring five out of five in the process.   It also saw Olga† looking in and updating us.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How To, License and video

Q1) Broad Peak is in the border regions of India, China and Pakistan: and was climbed for the first time on 9th June.   Of which year: 1955, 1957 or 1959?
Q2) Live broadcasts started from the UK’s House of Commons: on 9th June, 1975.   Were these broadcasts on radio, television or internet?
Q3) 500 Mormons started a trek: on 9th June, 1856.   The travelers were heading from Iowa City: heading for which Utah city?
Q4) 9th June, 1891, saw the birth of composer and songwriter, Cole Porter.   In which US state?
Q5) Finally … 9th June, 1963, saw the birth of actor, Johnny Depp.   He’s currently being divorced by his most recent wife.   What’s her name?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 8th June, 1968, saw James Earl Ray questioned: in London.   About the death of which civil rights leader?
A1) Dr Martin Luther King.
Q2) 8th June, 793, saw Vikings raid Lindisfarne Abbey.   Lindisfarne, itself, is off the coast of which English county?
A2) Northumberland.
Q3) 8th June saw former Cabinet Minister, Jonathan Aitken sentenced for Perjury.   In which year of the 1990s?
A3) 1999.
Q4) Margaret Bondfield became the first woman named to the UK’s Cabinet: on 8th June, 1929.   She was named to which post: Minister of War, Secretary of the Board of Trade or Minister of Labour?
A4) Minister of Labour.   (She would now be the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.)
Q5) Finally … 8th June, 1949, saw the original publication of Orwell’s 1984.   The book is set is a alternative 1980s, in a superstate called what: Eurasia, Eastasia or Oceania?
A5) Oceania.
I’ll leave you with this thought …
“We’re all a mishmash of extremes. I know that I have demons. I don’t know if I want to get rid of them altogether, but I would like to experience them in a different way. Maybe go face to face with them. I’ve never really had the time to go to therapy. Well, here and there. But not enough to help me.”
Johnny Depp, 9th June, 1963.
And let Benny Goodman play you a tune by birthday boy, Cole Porter … 

Have a good day …

*        Yeah, there’s always ONE, Debbi, isn’t there?   (Oh, I managed to catch the last episode of Gotham, so you know.   Is it me, or is there one character that looks vaguely Jerome shaped?)

†        It’s a lot simpler in Mac OS X, actually, Olga.   That ‘ñ’?   I just hit alt and n, to get the accent, and then n.   Most of the accents work the same way.   Heck of a lot less buttons!   At ANY rate … !   I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for your Mum: hopefully, the hospital will be able to get this done quickly!   (Bananas: would you believe I’m getting the occasional cramp with bananas!)


Debbi said...

Got some great old tunes here, Paul! :)

1. 1957
2. television
3. Salt Lake City
4. Indiana
5. Amber Heard

Olga Nunez Miret said...

RAther bananas, indeed. They did the catheterism yesterday and doctors were happy with how it went. Now I imagine they'll have to check how the heart responds and see if they need to do anything else, but is as good news as we could have hoped for. Let's hope things go back to some kind of normal (or whatever becomes the new normal) soon.
The thing about the website... You're right but people (not all) seem to always wait until the last minute. I remember when I was working at the hospital they decided they had some training on data safety, etc, that everybody needed to complete in the mental health trust at large (not just where I worked) to be able to use the computer. They informed everybody three months in advance via a message when we logged on. Everybody ignored it and closed the warning screen (I actually read it and did the training although I was leaving on the date when the new training would be implemented, but I didn't want to give them an excuse). The idea was that if people hadn't completed the training they wouldn't be able to access their accounts. Nobody (well, very few) paid any notice until the last day before they would be logged out of their account and then the website collapsed. It wasn't a whole country, but in this case people's jobs depended on access so you'd imagined they'd pay some attention. No. I did tell people... Of course they had to delay implementation... Passive-aggressive resistance?
Be careful with the bananas... (I've never been a big banana eater but I'd miss many of the fruits and vegetables you're not supposed to eat although I've noticed our bodies change over time.)