Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser — 8-6-2016: World Oceans Day

Sunset at Noronhas Beach
Right then … 

I’m actually having a — wait for it — day off!

After having other days for … 

For medical reasons!

Well … 

An ultrasound scan on my stomach and kidneys: a GP’s appointment, after some recent blood tests.

Oh, and an opticians appointment.

The GP’s was the least worrying, actually: but there you go!

At any rate … ?

It’s Wednesday: which means it’s time for the Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser.

Here’s this week’s World Oceans Days questions: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* …
Q1) 8th June is World Oceans Day.   The word, ‘ocean’ comes from which ancient language: Ancient Egyptian, Latin or Ancient Greek?
Q2) Ocean are usually made from saline water.   In other words, water with lots of what: salts, sugars or starches?
Q3) Earth’s global ocean covers roughly how much of the globe: 60%, 70% or 80%?
Q4) According to Wikipedia, there’s five oceans on Earth.   Name one of them.
Q5) What’s the largest of Earth’s oceans?
Q6) Although we use the words interchangeably, a sea is usually different from an ocean: in that it’s partly or largely surrounded by what?
Q7) The study of seas and oceans is called what?
Q8) Oceans and seas rise and fall: as a result of the pull of gravity from the Moon and Sun.   This motion is called what?
Q9) Which Titan was the ancient Greek god of the Sea?
Q10) Earth’s oceans are supposed to have been created how long ago: 4500 million years ago, 3500 million years ago or 2500 million years ago?
Here’s last weeks questions and answers …
Q1) 1st June saw the initial release of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band: in which year of the 1960s?
Q2) It was recorded by The Beatles: obviously.   Who was the album’s producer?
Q3) That producer has been referred to as the fifth Beatle: as was their original manager.   What was his name … ?
Q4) Side one of the album opened with the title track, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band: who wrote it?
Q5) The song is reprised at the end of side two: and followed by the last song on the album.   What’s that song called?
Q6) Which of the album’s songs is either about LSD: OR inspired by a drawing Julian Lennon did as a child?
Q7) What’s the only song on the album sung by the band’s drummer and percussionist, Ringo Starr?
Q8) The album’s iconic cover was co-created by Peter Blake: working with whom?
Q9) Which notorious occultist appears on the cover … ?
Q10) ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band’ is the THIRD best selling UK album of all time: name either of the albums at 1 or 2.
A1) 1967.
A2) George Martin.
A3) Brian Epstein.
A4) According to Wikipedia, Paul McCartney: but, as with many Beatles tunes, it’s credited to Lennon & McCartney.
A5) A Day In The Life.
A6) Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
A7) With A Little Help From My Friends.   (Although the song is notionally sung by the band’s fictional lead singer, Billy Shears.)
A8) Jann Haworth.
A9) Aleister Crowley.   (Back row, second from the left … )
A10) Queen’s Greatest Hits, at 1, or ABBA’s Gold: Greatest Hits. At 2 … 
Enjoy them!

*        The license means you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes: including the Teasers, Gazette Teasers and the Friday Question Sets.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original authors credit: and, if you republish them, give me an original authors credit AND republish under the same license.   A link back to the site — or to the Gazette’s, if that’s where you’ve found these — would be appreciated: as would pressing my donate button, here.   Every penny is gratefully received.

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