Sunday, 14 May 2017

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 14-5-2017

Hmmm … 

Elections … 

Funny old things, elections.

You get ALSO sorts of ideas getting floated, come election time.

One policy that the Greens have put forward?   Is that of decriminalising prostitution.

That’s not something I have any kind of emotional connection to: couldn’t comment on, one way or the other.

Although, if I’ve understood what I’ve seen in the media, correctly?   Prostitution is already legal in the UK.   Looking for a hooker on the streets, running a brothel, and advertising your services as a prostitute is what’s illegal.


What got me?

Was the Liberal-Democrat policy to legalise and regulate the sale of cannabis.

I used to smoke cannabis: and gave up, at about the same time I gave up drinking.

Mostly as a general principle.   Abstaining from one substance I knew was having bad effects also implied keeping off something that could do just as much damage.

It wasn’t as if I was having delusions.   But was noticing I felt just a little paranoid when I used: feeling, say, that the driver of the police car that had just gone past, knew I’d had a joint, just by looking at me.

Can I make a confession?

I’ve know about half a dozen or so people who’ve had some form of schizo-affective disorder: what they used to schizophrenia.

Complete with paranoia and hallucinations as a factor.

All of them?   All of them, in private conversations with me, pointed at their cannabis use: and blamed it for either triggering or aggravating their schizophrenia.

I know that’s very anecdotal, very experiential and very unscientific.

I’m not voting Conservative: never have, never will.   I won’t be voting Labour: I feel they have no chance in the Brentwood and Ongar constituency.

I’m planning to vote Green, should the party stand in the election.

I realise there’s good arguments for legalising cannabis.   If nothing else, one could raise extra tax money from it.

But, given my personal experiences?   And my belief that any cannabis tax money so raised will be going on an mental health services for cannabis users, as a result of an explosion in demand for them?

Legalisation is not something I can support.

I will not be voting to Karen Chilvers, the Lib-Dem candidate for Brentwood in the up-coming General election, as a result of this.

I can’t support her or legalisation.


Let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Olga* and Debbi† putting in their answers: with both scoring five out of five.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How To, License and video … 

Q1) Rationing of what ended in the UK: on 14th May, 1957?
Q2) 14th May, 1925, saw the first publication of Mrs Dalloway.   Who wrote Mrs Dalloway?
Q3) Eight communist countries signed a mutual defense treaty: on 14th May, 1955.   Which mutual defense treaty?
Q4) 14th May, 2013, saw President Goodluck Jonathan declare his country to be in a State of Emergency: after actions by terrorist group, Boko Haram.   Which African nation was President Jonathan president of?
Q5) Finally … the US launched its first space station on 14th May, 1973.   Which Space Station?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers … 

Q1) 13th May is the feast of Our Lady of Fátima.   Fátima is in which European country?
A1) Portugal.
Q2) The Cumberland Compact was signed: on 13th May, 1780.   The Compact was an early version of which US state’s Constitution?
A2) Tennessee’s.
Q3) 49 bodies were found by a federal highway: on 13th May, 2012.   After extensive wars between rival drug gangs.   Bodies, drug cartels and highway were in which country?
A3) Mexico.
Q4) 13th May, 1922, saw the birth of actress, Bea Arthur.   In which series did she play Dorothy Zbornak?
A4) The Golden Girls.
Q5) Finally … 13th May, 1880, saw Thomas Edison test what: electric railway, lightbulbs or alternating current?
I’ll leave you with a thought …
“Americans have bought - lock, stock and barrel - the Jeremy Irons - Kenneth Branagh England. And it’s fake. It’s an absolute con. Merchant-Ivory? Bollocks!”
Tim Roth, born 14th May, 1961.
And a tune … 

Today’s questions will be answered in tomorrows Teaser.

Have a good day.

*        I think I know what you mean, Olga‡: about priorities!   I’ve a the NHS would rather spend the cash, elsewhere, but let’s be blunt: how much are they spending on either ransoms or overtime for the IT gang?   (The impression I’ve picked up, over the years?   Is that a lot of organisations like the NHS spend a fortune on especially written software … that only works on specific versions of Windows.   XP, in this case.   And they’d rather not upgrade to newer versions of the OS: as it means spending more money on the OS, and more money on re-writing the custom software.   Personally?   I’d’ve love to ask if any of the procurement departments have thought about getting some Linux based PCs?   From what I know, things like Ubuntu^ or Red Hat are VERY competitively priced: and aren’t susceptible to Windows malware.   And, is you’re going to have to re-write your software for a new OS, anyway … ?)   (Sorry, Olga, I’ve got a bee in my bonnet on this one!)

†        Rick’s got a very good point, there, Debbi‡: it’s ALWAYS wise to stay updated.   Saying that, I know that this particular attack is aimed at Windows: so it’s not necessarily a big worry for us.   The only Mac ransomware?   Was the KeRanger thing, a while ago: thankfully, that’s a panic that’s now over!   (The chaps that spread it put a spiked version of a popular app, on the apps own download page.   It’s a bit like putting a spiked version of MS Office, on the Microsoft download site!)

‡        Oh, have you both got back-up?   That’s the OTHER thing I meant to ask!   It won’t stop a virus: but at least you can restore you drive, if it gets one.   Or the main drive fails … !   (I need to get another drive: just so I’ve got one spare …)

^        Canonical, Ubuntu’s makers, hand it out for free to home users.


Olga Nunez Miret said...

Q1) Petrol
Q2) 14th May, 1925, saw the first publication of Mrs Dalloway. Who wrote Mrs Dalloway? Virginia Woolf. I studied it as part of a course on Modernism at Sussex and it’s pretty interesting from the mental health point of view. I’m not sure I’ve ever told you that I lived for a couple of years in Rodmell (renting a room while I was doing my PhD at Sussex) where Virginia Woolf lived (and yes, where she committed suicide). The house was only open a couple of afternoons a week but was an interesting visit.
Q3) The Warsaw Pact
Q4) Nigeria
Q5) Skylab
I won't comment much on the political rant. In Spain, they legalised Cannabis (possession, not dealing in it). I should try and check if there's been a change in access to mental health, although perhaps if it was regulated and they could ensure the strongest varieties (I understand now it is much more potent than what people tend to think of) were not easy to get hold of the problem would reduce. As I told you I have no doubt about the link with mental health problems, and there are many studies to support that, and it is even worse when the use starts at a young age.
You'll of course remember the NHS spent billions on an informatic system that was supposed to connect all services (primary, hospitals, other trusts...), or rather, wasted. I wasn't in a position to know the ins and outs of how everything worked, but there didn't seem to be any overall planning or communication between the different organisations. We had to order stuff from places with very high prices. One imagines that the buying power of the NHS combined could be used to negotiate good deals, but the opposite seemed to be the truth (OK, I'm not going to talk corruption, but it made no sense to me). Each individual hospital and organisation negotiating their own deals, trying to create a computer system, their own records... I had a very young patient who was great with computers and I was chatting to him and thinking that a few people like him could probably design a system much more effective and responsive. I know, it's utopian, but hey... we can all dream...

Debbi said...

I have a backup, yes! Thank goodness. :)

Sorry to hear that about Karen Chilvers. Oh, well.

The Green Party sounds like a good option, though. I hope.

1. petrol
2. Virginia Woolf
3. the Warsaw Pact
4. Nigeria
5. Skylab

Debbi said...

Great quote, BTW! :)

As if England were all tea and crumpets! Ha!