Friday, 30 June 2017

American Horror Story — Series 1: Murder House — Episodes 6, 7 and 8: Piggy Piggy, Open House and Rubber Man.

29th June, 2017

You know … 

I’m convinced that — the older I get? — the more I start to feel the heat.

Or, at least, the theoretical heat.

At least … 

I could … you know … 

Open a window if I have the tumble dryer on!

Which would possibly work out a little bit better.


But that’s just the climate, right?

Or the weather?

I really couldn’t tell you, actually.

I can tell you that the air’s been as still as … 

Well …

Still air.   Still enough to make me feel uncomfortable.

And, in theory?   Quite cool, compared to recently.

Yeah … 

In theory … !


At any rate?

I’ve had the night off, tonight.

And will have another, tomorrow.

Which means two things.


I’m complaining about the weather.

I’m British, it’s allowed.


I’ve a box set I’m part way through.


It’s an almost perfect night to dig up more of series one of American Horror Story .

As there’s murder in the Murder House.


Episode 6Piggy Piggy — opens with Violet (Taissa Farmigar) confirming what she found out in the last episode: that Tate (Evan Peters) is a ghost, killed after finishing a school shooting spree.

Sees Constance (Jessica Lange) make a confession to Violet: the only reason she she wanted her son to have help form Violet’s father, Ben (Dylan McDermott)?

Was to convince Tate of this: and to help him move on.

Episode 7Open House — tells us that constance has another child, the horribly deformed Beau.

Beau has been kept in the attic: and killed by Larry (Denis O’Hare) on Constance’s orders.

She want’s to make sure Beau isn’t removed, as a result of her neglectful parenting.


Meanwhile, Vivian (Connie Britton) is still trying to sell the house.   Their best prospect is a sleazy developer (Amir Arison).

A developer the Murder House’s other inhabitants take a dislike to … 

Rounding out the night, Episode 8Rubber Man — opens with a flashback: to when Connie and Ben first moved into the house.

Reminding us that the mysterious Rubber Man — the Gimp suited figured who fathered Connie’s twins — is, in fact, Tate.

Moving on to now?   We see Connie slowly driven insane by Hayden (Kate Mara) and the rest of the ghosts.

As her and Nora (Lily Rabe) plan to steal the twins.


Now … 

Good … ?

So far yes.

Let me qualify that, though.

This far we’re getting answers.

Some, at least.

We get to find out what the relationship is between Tate and Constance, we see more hints of what is happening with Moira … 

And we come to suspect that the real owners of the Murder House aren’t the Harmon family.

But the ghosts of the previous inhabitants.

It’s a little confusing.

The series, thus far, is devoting small chunks of screen time to its formidable ensemble cast rather than — maybe — devoting an episode, here, to one character, and another, there, to a second.

But each individual episode is short enough, and pacey enough, to keep my attention.


I’m looking forward to the next batch of episodes …!

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