Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 27-6-2017

Hmmm … 

Interesting to hear.


Nintendo are to release — or re-release, more accurately — a version of their Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES at some point.

Sounds good: although I was never a fan.

But it does tell me something.

Retro’s getting popular.

After all it follows Nintendo’s re-release of their NES, the various updated iterations of the ZX Spectrum, and Sega’s re-release of various MegaDrive titles.

Times like this?

I’m saddened that money is tight: some of those retro consoles look good.


Let’s move on, shall we?   Before I go and look up Mac versions of Atic Atac.

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Olga*, Debbi† and Trevor‡ putting in their answers: with all three scoring five out of five.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions.

Here they are, along with the How To, License and video … 

Q1) The crew of the Potemkin mutinied: on 27th June, 1905.   The battleship was part of which country’s navy?
Q2) 27th June, 1986, saw the International Court of Justice find the USA guilty of aiding armed rebels: in which country?
Q3) 27th June, 1951, saw the birth of Ulf Anderssen.   He found fame, playing what?
Q4) 27th June, 1962, marks the birth of Michael Ball.   He found fame in the 1985 production of Les Misérable.   Which role did he play in that production?
Q5) The Coptic Church will be marking which Saint’s Feast Day, on 27th June?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers … 

Q1) 26th June, 4 AD, saw Augustus adopt the man who eventually replaced him as Roman Emperor.   Who was that replacement?
A1) Tiberius Caesar Dīvī Augustī Fīlius Augustus: better remembered as Tiberius.
Q2) 26th June, 1407, saw Ulrich von Jungingen named as Grand Master of what: the Knights Templar, the Teutonic Knights or the Knights Hospitaller?
A2) The Teutonic Knights.
Q3) Bernadette Devlin was arrested: on 26th June, 1970.   The Mid-Ulster MP was arrested for her part in a series of what: riots, sex parties or weapon-deals?
A3) Riots.   (She was involved in the Battle of the Bogside in 1969)
Q4) 26th June, 2007, saw Pope Benedict 16th set up rules for electing a whom: king, president or Pope?
A4) Pope.
Q5) Finally … The US Supreme Court issued a ruling: on 26th June, 2015.   It ruled that same-sex couples had a constitutional right to what: marriage, children or divorce?
A5) Marriage.
Here’s a song … 

And a thought …
“I don’t judge people who eat meat—that’s not for me to say—but the whole thing just sort of bums me out.”
Tobey Maguire, born 27th June, 1975.
Today’s questions will be answered in tomorrow’s Teaser.

Enjoy your day.

*         You are facing issues, Olga!   Hmmm … I’ve been to the odd convention, over the years: as a fan, rather than a business person.   But I’ve picked up the impression that they made their money on the tickets sales, rather than the rent from merchandise tables.   I think the last one I went to, had bronze, silver and gold tickets: with bronze being the basic ticket, and silver and gold getting you into the VIP events.   Would that be something to try?

†        Then I’ll definitely have to make time, Debbi!   A basic, plus a premium service seems like a good idea!   As for Dr Who … ?   Hmmm … What do you think, Debbi?   Will the regeneration be next week … ?   Or Christmas … ?   No spoilers!

‡        Is it just me, Trevor, or did the Romans have bloody complicated names?


Olga Nunez Miret said...

Q1) Russia
Q2) Nicaragua
Q3) chess
Q4) Marius
Q5) Cyril of Alexandria
Thanks, Paul. The issue is that the fair was to sell books and if you intend to charge people for the pleasure of buying books by unknown authors... Well, it is not going to work. I did suggest that the part of the talks for writers, etc, should be organised as a paying conference for writers. I have already decided to change my status in the cooperative as until I decide what I'm going to do long-term I cannot commit to it, and if it has any chance of getting anywhere it needs people who will invest their time on it.
I hope the vintage versions of the consoles won't be as slow as they were at the time (you could go, cook and have a meal while they loaded up a game...)
Take care!

Debbi said...

Goodness. To have to wait until Christmas? Ahhh...!

Well, no spoilers from my end. Promise! :)

1. Russia
2. Nicaragua
3. chess
4. Marius
5. Mary