Sunday, 18 June 2017

Dr Who — Series 10: Episode 10 — The Eaters of Light

17th June, 2017.

Did I ever tell you I have windows?

No, I’m not doing the dirty, and suddenly bough a Windows based PC: good gods, no!

Nope, Mac fan still, thank you … !

No … I meant windows in my flat.

Some of which?   Are south facing.   They catch the sun, in other words.

And on one of the hottest days of the year, so far?

You can bet I’m glad I opened them.


Watching The Eaters of Light, this weeks episode of Dr Who, with them shut?

Would’ve meant getting just a little bit … you know … sweaty … !


Episode 10 — The Eaters of Light — sees Bill and the Doctor both managing to annoy Nardole: by Bill’s insistence she knows EXACTLY what happened to the Roman Empire’s missing Ninth Legion, and the Doctor’s agreeing to go back to 2nd Century Aberdeen to see what happened to them.

When they get there?

When they get there, they find that the Legion, AND a local Pictish tribe has been devastated.

By something that leaves the bodies looking like bog bodies … 

And that has very long tentacles.

It’s only when our heroes met Kar, the leader of the Picts, their find that the creature doing the killings is actually a being from  an interdimensional portal to another plane.

One that eats people … 

And light … 

Hmmm … 


Now … Hmmm … 

Yes … 

I’m thinking — right now — that The Eaters of Light isn’t necessary the strongest episode.

Saying that?   It’s a perfectly entertaining: nicely acted, with a satisfying, if light, story.

One I hope would interest my nephew, Jude, in the Roman Legions.

Assuming, or course, he’s seen it!

Either way?

It is, much like Empress of Mars, a light and fluffy episode: but with hints or a authentic historical mystery*.


I want to see next week’s episode!

*        Apparently?   There’s lots of speculation about what happened to the Ninth Legion.   But the best guess is that the Legion was simply relocated to what’s now the Netherlands.   That hasn’t stopped a lot of speculation.

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Unknown said...

It actually gave me goosebumps.

And that is extremely rare these days. What I saw in it: Selflessness, true heroic actions of people who let logic and reason overcome their hate for each other. Enemies listening to each other and their willingness to admit and learn from their mistakes. Understanding that adversity can be overcome only by working together, without losing your identity in the process. To realise that fear is ok, as long as you don't let it cloud your actions. And a beautiful and quite poetic look at why crows karkarkar...

It was a phenomenal episode. An allegory on how humanity can prevail. With many very important messages we don't often hear these days. It is episodes like that that made me fall in love with DW back in the days.