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American Horror Story — Series 1: Murder House — Episodes 11 & 12 Birth and Afterbirth

5th July, 2017

Oh, right … 

I think that’s sort of what I had in mind, possibly.

Right now?

I’ve got Machine Age Voodoo, by Australian noise band, SPK.

Mostly because I can remember seeing one song — Metal Dance — on The Tube, many years ago.

Top of the Tops, the BBC’s long running music show?

Was relatively mainstream: featuring whatever happened to be in the charts, mimed by the artists.

The Tube?   Could be really way out: live

Which is why Metal Dance stuck in my my mind.   

The band did it live, looked like they walked straight off the set of a Mad Max film, were decidedly odd … 

And had live angle-grinders as part of the gig!

Odd doesn’t even start!


Which is possibly a weird thing to open a post with, I know.

But … ?

Well, I don’t know about you: but I like writing to music.

Or possibly talk radio.

But mostly to music: as a result of listening to a LOT of mostly classical music, when I was younger.

A desperate attempt to help improve my handwriting.

The curse of left-handedness, I think.   English, along with many other languages, 

Whether it helped?

I couldn’t tell you.

But it’s left me typing frantically, ever since: and left me listening, as I type.

The reason I’m typing, tonight?

Is simply that I’ve had a night off.

A night off.

And two episodes left of American Horror Story, series 1.

Murder House* … 


Episode 11Birth — shows Ben (Dylan McDermott), going to pick up Vivian (Connie Britton) from the mental hospital she’s been in: so the pair can move to Vivian’s sister place, to have the twins.

Only for the plans to go horribly wrong, as Vivian goes into labour … at the Murder House, and with the help of the resident ghosts.

Only to die in childbirth … 

Episode 12Afterbirth — is the final episode.

And sees Ben contemplating suicide: only to be talked out of it by both Vivian, and Violet.

Only to see things go astray: as Ben is killed by the vengeful  Hayden (Kate Mara).

By hanging.

The house … ?   And it’s resident mixed bag of ghosts and ghouls goes back on the market.

With the spirits of the Harmons deciding to make sure no-one ever stays in the place …


At any rate … ?

Have I enjoyed American Horror Story’s first series?

Yes I have.

It did seem to lose it’s thread with the mid two or three episodes.

But more that made up for that, with latter episode that picked up and concluded the story, in a well balanced way.

AND hinted at more to come.

Which, in one sense?

Is possibly a bad thing.

The way the series concludes, we see that HALF of the Harmon family problems are caused by the deranged Constance (Jessica Lange).

Who played a blinder in this series, I should add.

But the show’s format is to have a completely different story-line — story line, characters, setting — for each series.

That intrigues me: I do want to see how that pans out.


At the end of Murder House, we see that Constance is bringing up a small blond boy: a boy we know is capable of killing the family maid.

We just don’t know if that boy … is Tate.

I’d love to find out … 

*        At the moment?   I’m thinking I could do with an extra monitor.   The trouble with that is I’ve already got two, and I’d need to add an extra graphics card to my MacPro to be able to hook up a third.   The fact I don’t have room for a third on my table?   Is beside the point … 

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