Thursday, 13 July 2017

American Horror Story — Series 2: Asylum — Episodes 4, 5 and 6: I Am Anne Frank (Pt 1), I Am Anne Frank (Pt 2) and The Origins of Monstrosity.

12th July, 2017

You know those quiet days you have?

You know the days … !

The ones that go quietly … but have expected shirts and unexpected USB flash drives in them?

Yep: it’s official.

I had a shirt delivered, today.   Which was expected: the postman left me a card, yesterday, to say it was in the office: as the package was to big to go in my letter box.

The unexpected USB sticks?

Were unexpected because I was expected them a week or so from now … but there you go.

At least they’r partitioned and ready to go!


Oh … 

And there’s light … surprisingly … !

Did I mention the light in my kitchen, blew, last night?

It blew, last night.

Which is inconvenient when you’re trying to make cocoa, I know that.

Oh … And when you’re doing yourself a cup of tea, prior … to sitting down and watching some TV.

In my case?

Problem solved: I got a new bulb.   And those neon tubes AREN’T cheap.

Tea that’s the right colour?

Is the best company for American Horror Story series two.


Episode 4I Am Anne Frank (Pt 1) — sees a mysterious woman (Franka Potente) being held at the hospital.

Held there, as her husband feels she is not looking after her child, correctly.

The woman claims to be Anne Franke: who died at Bergen-Belsen.

And, what’s more?

Claims that’s where she met the man called Hans Grüber.   Now better know as the Asylum’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Arden (James Cromwell.)

Episode 5I Am Anne Frank (Pt 2) — shows us Sister Jude — Jessica Lange — calling in on Nazi Hunter, Sam Goodman: convinced he can help investigate Dr Arden. 

That self same Dr Arden?   Has worked out exactly how to help Anne/Charlotte.   With a pre-frontal lobotomy … 

Lana?   Lana — Sarah Paulson — has been … rescued … from Briarcliff, by Dr Thredson — Zachary Quinto.

Who isn’t as helpful as he seems … 

Episode 6The Origins of Monstrosity — opens with a flashback to 1962: showing us when Monseigneur Howard — Joseph Fiennes — first met Dr Arden: when Briarcliff had been a tuberculosis hospital.

It ALSO shows us Lana: still trapped in Thredson’s basement … and becoming increasingly concerned.

Lampshades made from human skin will do that.

What she doesn’t know … ?

Is that, in 2012?   SOMEONE is still wearing the Bloody Face mask …


Now … 

Am I enjoying Asylum?

Hell, yes!

Although, granted, it’s a supernatural horror fan’s delight: with even more references than a reference book!

After all, one central character, Kit?   is in Briarcliffe, not because he’s a murderer, but because he claims to have bee kidnapped by aliens.

Another, Dr Arden?   Walked out of Boys from Brazil.

Dr Thredson?   Is an unholy mix of Leather Face, Dr Lector, the Red Dragon and Ed Gein!

And I swear, Grace — Lizzie Brocheré — Grace is channeling Lizzie Borden.

Loving it?

All that and there‘s a song by a Belgium singing nun.

Yep, I’m loving it!

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