Monday, 31 July 2017

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 31-7-2017

It’s … 

Yes, it, is, isn’t it?

It’s a Monday: and the official start of a new week.

I don’t know about you.   But I’m working, tonight!

And looking forward to it … 

Now I’ve managed to get some sleep … !


Oh, that’s something to mention.

Not the fact that today marks a century since the Third Battle of Ypres.

Also known as Passchendæle.

The fact the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with the Prime Minister, will be marking the ceremony is nice to see.

They’ll be marking more observances, today.

At Tyne Cot, in Belgium: the Commonwealth’s largest war grave.

The fact my great-grandfather, Private Arthur Richardson, is commemorated there?

Certainly gives me pause for thought …


Let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Olga* and Debbi† putting in their answers: with both scoring then out of ten.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How To, License and video

Q1) 31st July, 2012, saw Michael Phelps officially become the winner of the most Olympic Golds won at one Games.   What was his sport: swimming, dressage or football?
Q2) The Ranger 7 probe transmitted photos back from its target: on 31st July, 1964.   What WAS it’s target?
Q3) The Weimar Constitution was adopted: on 31st July, 1919.   By which country?
Q4) Fidel Castro delegated his presidential powers his brother, Raúl: on 31st July, 2006.   Both were president of where?
Q5) Finally … 31st July, saw saw a gas explosion in the city of Kaohsiung kill at least twenty people.   Explosion and city are where: China, Taiwan or Cambodia?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers … 

Q1) 30th July saw England win the World Cup.   In which year?
A1) 1966.
Q2) The tournament was held in which country of the UK?
A2) England.
Q3) The final was held in which city?
A3) London.
Q4) In which stadium, in that city?
A4) What’s now old .
Q5) The final was held on the 30th July.   The tournament started on which date in July: the 10th, 11th or 12th?
A5) 11th.
Q6) To win the final, England beat whom: West Germany, East Germany or Austria?
Q7) Name any one of the eleven England plays on the field, that day.
A7) Gordon Banks, George Cohen, Jack Charlton, Bobby Moore, Ray Wilson, Nobby Stiles, Alan Ball, Bobby Charlton, Martin Peters, Geoff Hurst or Robert Hunt.
Q8) Name any one of the eleven opposition players.
A8) Hans Tilkowski, Hosrt-Dieter Höttges, Willi Schulz, Wolfgang Weber, Karl-Heinz Schnellinger, Franz Beckenbauer, Wolfgang Overnath, Helmut Haller, Uwe Seeler, Sigfried Held or Lothar Emmerich.
Q9) Which England player famously scored a hat-trick at the match?
A9) Geoff Hurst.
Q10) Finally … what, after extra time, was the winning score?
A10) 4-2 to England.
Here’s a tune … 

And a thought …
“The Internet doesn’t just offer opportunities for misogynistic abuse, you know. Penis enlargers can also be bought discreetly.”
J.K Rowling, born 31st July, 1965.
Today’s questions will be answered in tomorrow’s Teaser.

Have a good day!

*        Now I’m curious, Olga: episodes of what?   I’ve a friend who’s been watching the revamped Twin Peaks.   Apparently?   Apparently, ‘it’s weird.’ … !   I was left standing there, saying ‘Faye, it’s David Lynch, it’s supposed to be weird.’   Faye’s opinion?   Was that it’s weird … even for David Lynch … Remind me to mention Jennifer Lynch, at some point: there’s a girl who takes after her dad … !   (Oh, no, WAIT … You mean American Gods, don’t you … ?)

†        It HAS to be said, Debbi, Vindaloo is STILL the football song!   Keith Allen, the chap who wrote and performed it?   He’s the drug dealer the gang meet in London, in Trainspotting.   AND Lily Allen’s dad.   What’s more, his son, Alfie, is in Game of Thrones.   It’s not what you know … 


Mr Strict said...

1. Swimming.
2. The Moon.
3. Germany.
4. Cuba.
5. Tiawan.

Olga Nunez Miret said...

Q1) Swimming
Q2) The moon
Q3) Germany
Q4) Cuba
Q5) Taiwan (2014)
Yes, I meant American Gods. I agree the original Twin Peaks was weird but I remember it was a very big hit, considering how weird it was (in Spain everybody was going around asking who killed Laura Palmer), although it became even weirder as it went along. No, I haven't watched the new one. Yes, tell me about his daughter...

Debbi said...

Isn't that the truth?

And the revamped Twin Peaks is seriously weird. Even for David Lynch. Now, that's saying something! :)

1. swimming
2. the moon (or the lunar surface)
3. Germany
4. Cuba
5. Taiwan