Friday, 17 February 2012

The Friday Question Set — 17-02-2012

Go on, admit it: you though I’d forgotten, hadn’t you … ?

Completely forgotten about … … …

The Friday Question Set … !

Well, I’ve haven’t!

I’ve just been busily doing stuff, today.


Not much, actually: but as I’ve had my mother ask about scanning in a lot of family photos, I’ve dug my old printer-scanner-copier out.

Well, if she’s offering to wave money at me …

Let’s move on, shall we … ?

And let you have this week’s Friday Question Set.

Here it is, covered, as ever, by the Creative Commons License
Online 139.

Q1) If it’s 12 noon GMT, what time is it in Oslo?
A1) 1 pm

Q2) In which century was religious reformer, John Calvin born: the 16th, 17th or 18th?
A2) The 16th.

Q3) In February of 2006, Marks & Spenser started selling a red version of which fruit?
A3) Bananas.

Q4) Who wrote the novel, Anna Karenina? (Bonus for telling us which rank of title he held.)
A4) Leo Tolstoy. (Count)

Q5) Which bridge joins a palace and a prison, in Venice?
A5) The Bridge of Sighs.

Q6) What word can follow ‘band’, ‘mass’ and ‘pass’?
A6) ‘Age.’ (Bandage, massage, passage.)

Q7) Which came first: the Battle of Agincourt, or the Battle of Bosworth Field?
A7) Agincourt.

Q8) What’s the nest prime number above 53?
A8) 59.

Q9) In which America state are the Everglades?
A9) Florida.

Q10) Who took over Leeds FC, in January of 2005?
A10) Ken Bates.


Q11) Which 1997 series featured Slade and Holly?
A11) Crime Traveller.

Q12) Detective serials about which monk are based in Shrewsbury?
A12) Brother Cadfæl.

Q13) Maddy Magellan assisted which off-beat detective?
A13) Jonathan Creek.

Q14) Which planet completes the name of the series: Life On … where? (Bonus for telling the names of either of the two central characters.)
A14) Life on Mars. (DCI Gene Hunt and DS Sam Tyler.)

Q15) What is the daytime profession of Rosemary and Thyme?
A15) Gardeners.

Q16) In which New York based series did Detective Isbecki appear?
A16) Cagney And Lacey.

Q17) Who had a business card with a matchstick man as a logo?
A17) The Saint. (Accept Simon Templar)

Q18) What was Callan’s first name?
A18) David.

Q19) In which series did Louise Lombard star as Liz Shaw?
A19) Bodyguards.

Q20) How was John Mannering better known?
A20) The Baron.


Q21) Henri Desgrange was the man who instituted which iconic French sporting event, as a publicity event for his newspaper?
A21) The Tour De France.

Q22) Who was in goal when Liverpool won the Champions League Final in 2005?
A22) Jerzy Dudek.

Q23) Which team won the Ryder Cup, in 2004? (Bonus point for telling us the name of the businessman who founded it.)
A23) Europe. (Samuel Ryder.)

Q24) Which sport do the New York Yankees play?
A24) Baseball.

Q25) Which Pete completed a Wimbledon hat-trick, in the 1990s?
A25) Pete Sampras.

Q26) In 1994, 1995 and 1996, Dionicio Ceron won the London … what?
A26) Marathon.

Q27) In which Spanish city did Linford Christie win the Olympic 100 metres Gold medal?
A27) Barcelona

Q28) Which sport did Michael Jordan find fame in?
A28) Basketball.

Q29) Which English town’s Rugby side are called ‘The Bulls’?
A29) Bradfords.

Q30) What do the initials WBC stand for?
A30) World Boxing Council.


Q31) Germ Free Adolescence, and Oh Bondage, Up Yours were hits for which punk band?
A31) X-Ray Specs.

Q32) Cheryl Jones and Sandra Denton spiced themselves up to become whom?
A32) Salt ’N’ Pepa.

Q33) Which Village People tune is made up of initial letters?
A33) Y. M. C. A.

Q34) Which dance number became Kylie Minogue’s first million seller?
A34) Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.

Q35) Which boy’s name took Sister Sledge to the top of the charts, in 1985?
A35) Frankie.

Q36) How are Messrs Hodges and Peacock better known?
A36) Chas & Dave.

Q37) Pepsi and Shirley were the backing singers for which 80s duo?
A37) Wham!

Q38) It Takes Two featured Tammi Terrell, and who else?
A38) Marvin Gaye.

Q39) Jazz trumpeter and all round musical icon, Louis Armstrong, was often nicknamed what? (Bonus point for telling us what it was short for.)
A39) Satchmo. (Satchelmouth.)

Q40) Which Jazz musician opened a London Jazz club, in 1959?
A40) Ronnie Scott.


Q41) Which international body has the motto, Faster, Higher, Stronger?
A41) The International Olympic committee.

Q42) Ban Ki-Moon succeeded Kofi Annan as General Secretary of which body?
A42) The United Nations.

Q43) Who, to date, has been the only Briton to serve as president of the European Commission?
A43) Roy Jenkins.

Q44) In which European country does FIFA have it’s HQ?
A44) Switzerland.

Q45) Which international religious group was founded by George Fox, in 1650? (Two points for its official name, and how it’s better known.)
A45) The Society of Friends. (Or Quakers.)

Q46) What rare animal is the emblem of the the World Wide Fund for Nature?
A46) A panda.

Q47) Which fictional criminal organisation became the villains in The Man From UNCLE?

Q48) True or False:Austria became a member of the EU at the same time as the UK.
A48) False. (Austria joined in 1995, 22 years after the UK.)

Q49) Which humanitarian organisation was founded in Geneva, in 1863?
A49) The Red Cross.

Q50) Charles Taze Russell founded which international religious group?
A50) The Jehovah’s Witnesses.


Q51) What’s the nearest river to Balmoral Castle: the Dee, the Tweed or the Clyde?
A51) The Dee

Q52) Which Country and Western singer appeared in Gunfight?
A52) Johnny Cash.

Q53) Which US probe was sent to Mars, in 1997?
A53) The Pathfinder.

Q54) In which London Park would you ride along Rotten Row?
A54) Hyde Park.

Q55) Which Swiss resort hosts the Golden Rose TV awards?
A55) Montreaux.

Q56) Who was the first non-Englishman to play James Bond? (Bonus for telling us which nation he was from.)
A56) Sean Connery. (Scotland)

Q57) Which was the first British airport to have its own railway station?
A57) Gatwick

Q58) In 2005, what type of Russian vessel was trapped off the Kamchatka peninsular?
A58) A submarine.

Q59) How many wives are you allowed, under Islamic Law?
A59) Four.

Q60) Who had a 1950’s hit with Who’s Sorry Now?
A60) Connie Francis.
Enjoy that lot, folks. I hope they help …

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