Monday, 6 February 2012

Jobseeking … 

Hmmm …

So that’s what the website looks like, is it … ?

It certainly took its time loading up, I know that … !

But at any rate … ?

I’ve got to admit, I was in Basildon, today.

Frankly, as a result of being out of work for quite some time, now.

What happens, here in the UK, is that after a year out of work, one get’s put onto what’s called a work programme.

Which, at the moment … ?

SEEMS to consist of turning up at the Seetec office, once a month, and searching for work there.

How helpful it’ll be … ?

Well, I’m not sure, to be perfectly frank with you.

I DO know the staff all seem friendly and approachable, and that it — if nothing else — gets me out of the house.

Here’s hoping it helps …

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