Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Daily Teaser — 26-02-2012

Bleaughhhhhhhhhhh … !

I hate that, when that happens … !

I’ve got to admit, I know it’s a Sunday, but there’s time — and it’s oh so mood dependent — when I hate sleeping through my alarm.

I really do!

Oh, well …

I’m ALSO thinking there’s not a LOT of point in me whinging about it.

After all, it’s looking like a lovely day to have a good stroll around town.

And keep my fingers crossed that Gary Oldman bags tonight’s Best Actor Oscar.

It’ll be about time … !


Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi — telling us some more about Mrs Peel — putting in her answers: and, along with mentioning the Lotus 7*, also bagging 6 out of 6.

Let’s see how she — and you — do with today’s questions, shall we? Here they are, along with the ‘How To’, License and video
Q1) 26th February, 1946, saw the first of many ghost rocket sightings:in which European country … ?

Q2) 26th February, 1815, saw who escape from prison?

Q3) More to the point, where was that prison … ?

Q4) 26th February, 747 BCE, was the start of the reign of King Nabonassar … of where … ?

Q5) 26th February, 1829, saw the birth of Jeans designer, Levi Strauss:name either of the European towns that jeans take their name from.

Q6) And finally … 26th February, 1936, saw an attempted military coup take place in which country … ?
And here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 25th February, 1901, saw the US Steel Corporation formed: which noted US American financier was the man who did this … ?
A1) J. P. Morgan.

Q2) More to the point, what did his first and middle initials stand for … ?
A2) John Pierpont.

Q3) 25th February, 1964, saw Cassius Clay named as Heavyweight champion of the World: what — later — did he famously change his name to … ?
A3) Muhammed Ali.

Q4) 25th February, 1947, saw the formal end of which German state … ?
A4) Prussia.

Q5) 25th February, 191, saw which US state become the first to impose a gasoline tax … ?
A5) Oregon.

Q6) And finally … 25th February, 1570, saw Pope Pius 5th excommunicate whom … ?
A6) Elizabeth 1st.
Enjoy those, everyone: I’ll catch you later.

After I’ve left you with Livery Stable Blues, first recorded by the Original Dixieland Jass Band, today, in 1917º.

* Would you believe it, Debbi, the blessed thing’s still in production. And the scene in Fall Out, the last episode, that sees one delivered to No 6’s door? Turns out the chap driving it was Lotus’ chief engineer … !!!!!! Sorry, sorry, boys and their toys … !

º Now THAT’S Jazz … ! (I mean, 1917 … ? And sounding as fresh, now, as it did then … !)

1 comment:

Debbi said...

Nice picture of the yellow Miata! And very interesting about the Lotus.

Of course, when I think about the Lotus, I'm reminded of the scene in the original version of this movie, where Peter Sellers says no one can catch him in his Lotus Formula 3, tee hee. :)

Speaking of spy movies, I've seen Tinker, Tailor, and I really loved it. I'll cross my fingers for Gary Oldman, too. :)

1. Sweden
2. Napoleon Bonaparte
3. Elba
4. Babylon
5. Nimes, known as serge de Nimes, shortened to denim
6. Japan