Saturday, 18 February 2012

An Early Birthday Gift: And a Nephew’s fascination with Teeth …

You know, you’ll HAVE to forgive me, if things seem to go slightly wonky.

But I’ve GOT to confess, I’ve been given an early birthday gift.

The (pictured) Apple Magic Trackpad* that I’ve literally just unboxed!

And I HAVE to admit, I’ve just had a little touch of excitement put into me life with a new gadget.

Because I’m happily working out how to use the thing as part of my daily life.

One thing I will say, though … ?

I mean, apart from a big ‘Thank You’, to my family … ?

Is “WHEE … !”

Well, it’s that … and leave you with me, laughing a lot more madly than I’m reassured by.

Now Jude’s FINALLY decided on a future career …

* I’m not sure, yet, what to make of it: it’s REALLY responsive … !

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