Tuesday, 28 February 2012

World Book Night: Oooh … !

Hmmm …

Just missed him.

Meant to corner the neighbour who quietly emailed me to let me know that one or two of the neighbours had concerns about the fire engines getting through to the area … !

Oh, well …

I’ll catch him later … !


At ANY rate, I thought let you briefly know about a couple of things.

Firstly … ?

Well, I’ve probably mentioned I’ve been scanning a lot of old family photos onto Bruce, haven’t I … ?

Well I have: too the point where I’ve actually managed to move my iPhoto library to my external drive.

With help from this link, here.

OK, 7½ gigabytes isn’t much in the way of space, or photos.

But it’s a fair old chunk of Bruce’s hard-drive, thanking you … !


Next off … ? Next off is the simple fact that I’ve had the email in that lets me pick where I’m going to collect my World Book Night books from.

Me being me, of course … ?

I’ve picked Brentwood Library.

Here’s hoping I can shift them …

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