Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Saint James Road Planning Application: DEFERRED

Oh, but my GODS, I’m annoyed, at the moment, I really am … !

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’re probably VERY aware that I’ve been quietly objecting to Taylor Wimpey’s plans to build one last block on a patch of unused ground around the corner from where I live.

The ground concerned is around the corner from my place, in Saint James Road.

Tonight … ?

Tonight saw the Brentwood Council planning committee meeting that was supposed to decide whether to approve or reject Taylor Wimpey’s latest plans: to build a mixed use development: with a floor of shops, two floors of offices, and two floors of flats.

I — obviously — spoke against.

And I wish I could find the relevant part of Brentwood Council’s website, I really do.

Over the past few years, they’ve made a habit of webcasting these things.

At any rate … ?

My turn to speak out came at about 9 o’clock, tonight.

And I have to admit to a certain amount of nerves: and a certain amount of anger, as well. The way the minutes had been laid out, it looked — looked — as if this case would be fairly near the start of the whole proceedings.

It wasn’t.

I got to the planning committee meeting at 6•54: six minutes before the meeting was dues to start.

Got into the chamber about two minutes later.

And finally, actually spoke* at 9 o’clock.

I think I managed to make my point well enough: although this is where I’m annoyed I can’t find the webcast of the thing: the chair told me to wind things down, a minute ahead of time.
That’s one thing that got me good and fuming.

Another thing … ?

Was the fact that — for the first time that I know of, in all these applications — representatives from Taylor Wimpey deigned to show up.

And put in an equally good speech.

About how these plans would both be in character with the area.

And provide jobs.

Which I think is when I started seriously and quietly fuming.

I mean, the guy looked like he’d never been on benefits, in his entire life, to be frank.

But then, after all that, is when the mess started, frankly.

Because that’s when, frankly, the committee voted.

To defer any decision on the matter.

Defer … ?

I know I got talking to Clair and Laura — who are pictured, standing next to Karen Chilvers, in the fourth and fifth photos — whilst I was at the meeting: they were also there to object. (Laura even pointed out to me, before I went on, that the proposed shops had no parking. Stroke of bloody genius, that … !)

And they were both ALSO good and bloody annoyed about both the wait, and the fact that no decision was made there and then.

After two hours of — basically — sitting and waiting.

I …

Hmmm …

Hang on, let me go get a cuppa …


Ooh, that’s better … !

Now …

After GOT to admit, after two hours of tension, boredom, anger … ?

I will say that I’ve seen Brentwood Council’s Planning committee behave badly, tonight.

First, by arranging the agenda for the meeting to give a misleading impression that this case would be dealt with, extremely early on.

And SECONDLY, by deferring it, when they did get to deal with it.

What gets me, there, is the reasons the chairman gave included the shops, the creche, the parking …

But had NO mention of the emergency vehicular access that both Claire and Laura agreed with me was an issue.

* The last photo, I should add, is the notes I made of what I wanted to say at the meeting.


Debbi said...

Oh, dear. I hope you didn't go all Mr. Bullock on anyone. If you get my meaning. :)

Nik Nak said...

Not completely, Debbi: but, my LORD, I was good and angry.