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The Friday Question Set — 23-03-2012 … 

You know, I’ve got to admit, I’d ALMOST forgotten that that …

I’ve got just opened up today’s Friday-question-set, and saw the first question: basically about The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and name-checking the characters, Riff-Raff, Magenta and Columbia.

The (slightly) weird thing about it … ?

Is that I’ve an episode of I, Claudius on in the background: the moment I did this … ? The character of Livilla was on screen, doing her thing.

And yes, if you’re a Rocky Horror fan … ?


At any rate, let’s get moving on, shall we … ?

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s Friday, which, obviously, means it’s time to post up the Friday-question-set.

Here it is, along with the Creative Commons License
Online 144: Copied From King Harold 2

Q1) In which film would you find Riff-Raff, Magenta and Columbia?
A1) The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Q2) What sign of the Zodiac covers the period April 20th to May 20th?
Q2) Taurus.

Q3) Which Rugby Union side are known as ‘The Saints’?
A3) Northampton.

Q4) Rebekeh Brooks took on the editorship of which tabloid newspaper, in 2002: The Sun, the Mirror, or the Sunday Sport?
A4) The Sun.

Q5) 30th January, 1972 is more notoriously known how?
A5) Bloody Sunday.

Q6) Which African country was formerly known as French Sudan: Mali, Ethiopia or Zimbabwe?
A6) Mali.

Q7) Josip Brip was better known as which Eastern European leader: Stalin, Tito or Lenin?
A7) Marshal Tito.

Q8) William Shakespeare, William Faraday, and Edward Elgar have all appeared where?
A8) On £20 notes.

Q9) Tallahassee is the administrative capital of which US state?
A9) Florida.

Q10) Eamonn De Valera was the first Prime Minister of which European republic?
A10) The Republic of Ireland. (Accept Eire)


Q11) Fraser Heston played the baby Moses, in his father’s film about the biblical figure: who exactly is his father?
A11) Charlton Heston.

Q12) Which Sean played Harrison Ford’s father, in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade?
A12) Sean Connery.

Q13) Which cowboy had a horse called Trigger?
A13) Roy Rogers.

Q14) In which country was Brigitte Bardot born?
A14) France.

Q15) What was named as Best British Film, at this years BAFTA’s?
A15) The Artist.

Q16) Name either of the actor’s to have played Obi-Wan Kenobi, in Star Wars. (Two points for both.)
A16) Alec Guinness, or Ewan McGregor.

Q17) Which disease technically killed Rock Hudson: Pneumonia, the ’Flu or the Common Cold?
A17) Pneumonia. (It killed him, because of he had a collapsing immune system, due to HIV/AIDS).

Q18) What is Samuel Jackson’s middle initial?
A18) L.

Q19) In the film, “The Wizard of Oz”, which character sang “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”?
A19) Dorothy.

Q20) Which Juliette won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, for her part in “The English Patient”?
A20) Juliette Binoche.


Q21) Gran Canaria is in which group of islands?
A21) The Canaries.

Q22) What word describes the Beach were the Queen Mary was docked for many years?
A22) Long.

Q23) Los Angeles suffers a severe smog problem due to its high percentage of what?
A23) Cars.

Q24) What type of waterway is at Suez?
A24) A canal.

Q25) Aborigines are from which Commonwealth country?
A25) Australia.

Q26) Quebec is the French speaking part of which American country?
A26) Canada.

Q27) On which continent is Swahili spoken?
A27) Africa.

Q28) How are the Inuit better known?
A28) Eskimos.

Q29) In Spanish, it’s the Rio de las Amazonas: what is it in English?
A29) The Amazon.

Q30) During the 60s, what name did Zimbabwe have?
A30) Rhodesia.


Q31) Chad Varah founded which charity: the Samaritans, Oxfam or the British Heart Foundation?
A31) The Samaritans

Q32) The Queen’s residence at Balmoral is on which Scottish river, the Dee, or the Tweed?
A32) The Dee

Q33) Which Princess is nearest to the throne?
A33) Princess Beatrice

Q34) Who, during the 90’s, was the only Irish winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature: Seamus Heaney, James Joyce, or Patrick O’Malley?
A34) Seamus Heaney

Q35) Milvina Dean was the youngest survivor of which famous shipping disaster?
A35) The Titanic

Q36) What type of radio did Trevor Bayliss invent: clockwork, digital, or transistor?
A36) Clockwork

Q37) Athina Onassis Roussel inherited millions, on her grandfather’s death: in which industry did he make those millions?
A37) Shipping

Q38) Sam Walton founded which US chain of supermarkets?
A38) Wal-Mart.

Q39) Which rock star’s child inherited jut under £80 million, on their father’s death: Frances Cobain, Lisa Marie Presley or Sean Lennon?
A39) Lisa Marie Presley

Q40) Which Australian super model was dubbed The Body?
A40) Elle MacPherson.

Q41) Which computer company did Steve Jobs leave, before setting up NeXT,Inc?
A41) Apple.

Q42) Akio Morita, & Masaru Ikuba set up which electronics company?
A42) Sony

Q43) Which motor manufacturer made the first non-stop double crossing of the English Channel by plane?
A43) Charles Rolls.

Q44) Which supermarket chain introduced the ‘George’ fashion label?
A44) Asda

Q45) Chris Evans’ production company famously bought Virgin Radio: what was its name?
A45) Ginger Productions

Q46) Sir Clive Sinclair famously introduced the Sinclair C5 electric bicycle: what type of motor did he use to build the prototype?
A46) Washing machine.

Q47) Sir Henry Tate, the man who set up the Tate Gallery, made his money from what?
A47) Sugar.

Q48) Which chain of cinema’s did Sir Richard Branson buy, in 1995?
A48) MGM

Q49) What vehicle did Cammell Laird manufacture: ships, planes, or trains?
A49) Ships

Q50) Which British chain store announced it was closing all it’s European stores, in April, 2001?
A50) Marks and Spensers.


Q51) According to reports in 2007, what’s actually faster: a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Wayne Rooney or Johnny Wilkinson’s foot?

Q52) Which former ‘A-Team’ actor appeared in Celebrity Big Brother?
A52) Dirk Benedict

Q53) Which college of London University was founded by Sidney James Webb?
A53) London School of Economics

Q54) The creeping mint, Mentha Pulegium, is used in many medicinal teas: how’s it better known?
A54) Pennyroyal.

Q55) In North America, what’s the significance of July 1st: Canada Day, US Independence Day or Martin Luther King’s birthday?
A55) Canada Day

Q56) Which Bedfordshire Wildlife Park first opened its doors, in 1931?
A56) Whipsnade.

Q57) Which Association famously heckled Tony Blair, in 2000: the Women’s Institute, the Butchers Guild or Alcoholics Anonymous?

Q58) What was Ansel Adams: a photographer, a sculptor, or a painter?
A58) A photographer.

Q59) Which actor appeared in the most ‘Carry On’ films?
A59) Kenneth Williams

Q60) What would a cooper make?
A60) Barrels.

Enjoy that lot, folks.

I’ll catch you later.

Once I’ve watched John Hurt doing his thing …

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