Monday, 26 March 2012

BBC News - Dementia research funding set to rise to £66m by 2015

You know, my long term readers will probably be very aware that I’m a long term Terry Pratchett fan, and have been for some time.

I’m also someone who’s seen a much loved grandmother die, after suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease for many years.

So … ?

So catching the above news — that the government is to double the amount of funding put towards Alzheimer’s — is a good thing.

I personally wish it had come a few years earlier, but none the less, it’s still something to be welcomed.

However …

I’m ALSO aware that, during the recent budget — last Wednesday, so you know — saw a HUGE uproar about the Granny Tax: the reduction in personal allowances for pensioners.

Knowing the age group that Alzheimer’s usually targets … ?

I can’t help but think that someone has been thrown a bone, to make up for losing that money.

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