Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Mothering Sunday Teaser — 18-03-2012

Hmmm …

Now there’s a thing.

I’m no football fan, but I have to admit, I heard the news, yesterday, that Bolton Wanderers player, Fabrice Muamba, collapsed on pitch.

After having a first-half heart attack.

I don’t know about you, but I have to ask what the hell happened, there?

After all, I’d expect me — with a body-mass-index that’s not what it should be, and who’s idea of healthy eating is grilling burgers — to have a heart attack.

NOT a twenty-something professional sportsman!

Let’s get moving on, shall we … ?


Yesterday’s Saint Patrick’s Day teaser saw both Mr Strict and Debbi putting in their answers: with both confirming their respective Big Beast status, by digging up Douglas Hyde as an answer to a question about the Irish presidency, it saw Mr S bagging 15/15, with Debbi one point behind him, with 14.

Let’s see how they — and you — with today’s Mothering Sunday questions. Here they are, along with the ‘How To’, License and video

Q1) 18th March, 2012, is Mothering Sunday, in the UK: the US equivalent is traditionally on the second Sunday in which month?

Q2) In the UK Mothering Sunday falls on the fourth Sunday of what?

Q3) Which rock legends released a 1994 album Atom Heart Mother?

Q4) Which science fiction movie classic featured a ships computer called Mother?

Q5) 18th March, 1967, saw the Torrey Canyon run aground, between Land’s End, and the Scilly Isles: in which English county is Land’s End?

Q6) 18th March, 2003, saw British MPs vote in favour of military action in which country … ?

Q7) 18th March, 1850, saw Henry Wells and William Fargo found which company … ?

Q8) 18th March, 1949, saw the birth of snooker player, Alex Hurricane Higgins: in which year did he first win snooker’s World Championship title?

Q9) More to the point, how old was he?

Q10) And finally …18th March, 1865, saw which American body adjourn its last meeting … ?
And here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) Ulysses is one of the best loved works by which Irish author?
A1) James Joyce.

Q2) Which English Civil War leader is still one of the most hated men in the Republic of Ireland?
A2) Oliver Cromwell.

Q3) What was the ancient Roman name for the island of Ireland?
A3) Hibernia.

Q4) What does a leprechaun guard?
A4) A pot of gold.

Q5) Who was the first President of the Republic of Ireland?
A5) Douglas Hyde: although I always thought it was Eamonn De Valera.

Q6) Who currently hold’s the post … ?
A6) Michæl D. Higgins.

Q7) What do you get in Irish whiskey that seldom, if ever, appears in Scotch?
A7) The letter “E” in the spelling of the word ‘whiskey’.

Q8) Which famous sportsman said, “I once gave up drink and women and it was the hardest five minutes of my life”?
A8) George Best.

Q9) Which Irish Saint was known as The Navigator?
A9) St Brendan.

Q10) Which Irish playwright said, “I have nothing to declare except my genius”?
A10) Oscar Wilde.

Q11) 17th March, 1969, saw who formally become the PM of Israel?
A11) Golda Meir.

Q12) 17th March, 1950, saw scientists at Berkeley synthesize the 98th element: what did they call it … ?
A12) Californium.

Q13) 17th March, 1968, saw the birth of US actor, Matthew St Patrick: in which series did he play Keith Charles … ?
A13) Six Feet Under.

Q14) 17th March, 1984, saw the 130th University Boat Race cancelled: which university’s boat had been involved in a collision … ?
A14) Cambridge’s.

Q15) And finally … 17th March, 1337, saw Edward the Black Prince named as the Duke of which English county … ?
A15) Cornwall.
Enjoy those, everyone: I’ll leave you with a bit of Nineties era Britpop, as it’s former Lush singer/guitarist, Miki Berenyi’s birthday* …

* Who I should add, is a mother. Unlike Wilfred Owen, who died, today, in 1918: his is the quote for the day, at the end of the video …

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Debbi said...

Hope you had a nice Mothering Sunday. I love the 90s Brit Pop. Really awesome. :)

1. 2nd Sunday in May
2. Lent
3. Pink Floyd
4. Dark Star
5. Cornwall
6. Iraq
7. American Express
8. 1972
9. 61
10. the Congress of the Confederate States of America