Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Brunel House: We’ve OFFICIALLY been sold down the river … !

You know, I realise this particular post is going to look rather crowded.

I realise that.

But I’m ALSO aware of some of it’s implications.

That — literally — residents in my street have been sent down the river.

As you probably realise, I’ve been both following — and objecting to — plans to build any more offices and flats in the immediate area that I live in.

Including just around the corner, in Saint James Road.
Taylor Wimpey, in case you hadn’t realised it, have proposed plans in place, to build a mixed use development next to Brunel House.

Something I’ve been writing about for some time: and objecting to it for almost as long as I’ve been here.

It‘s the emergency vehicle access. frankly: I’ve felt it’s inadequate for YEARS, now.


At ANY rate …

Taylor Wimpey has had amended plans lodged at Brentwood Council for some time.

To turn the patch of waste ground I’m talking about in the aforementioned mixed development.

I’ve objected vocally on Brentwood Council’s website: understandably.

And still object, now.

Even more so, now I’ve had the proposed outline of the planned committee meeting about it passed to me.

It’s been marked up for approval … !

I’m …

Well, tempted to swear, after all the work that’s been put in.

But I’m ALSO fuming.

After all, the emergency vehicle situation impacts DIRECTLY on me.

And what’s more … ?

I’m ALSO concerned that — after Taylor Wimpey’s threat to leave town — the Planning committee will just plain cave in to the corporate big boy.


Hmmm …

Can I be blunt … ?

Blue collar writer, fellow blogger, and Old Peculiar regular, Debbi Mack made a very good point in one of her posts, the other day: about not posting when angry.

I’m going to gently leave this post here.

I am LITERALLY too angry to think.

Let along write coherently … !

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