Friday, 15 June 2012

Iron Sky: Blood, Presidential satires and Space Nazis … 

Oh, dear …

I’ve GOT to admit, I’m nothing LIKE a football fan …

And USUALLY make a point of avoiding the game.

But fair play to the England team: they’ve managed what I’m told is a creditable win against Sweden, tonight, in the Euro 2012 tournament.

With not a sign of Wayne Rooney, I should point add.

At ANY rate, and as you can possibly tell … ?   I wasn’t watching the football, tonight.

I fail to see why watching the game tells you I’m patriotic, or heterosexual: which is the irritating sort of attitude I’ve seen a lot of, after 14 years working behind a bar.

Hmm …

Let’s get moving on, shall we … ?   BEFORE I launch into a rant of some description … !


To be frank … ?

To be frank, I managed to entertain myself with recent iTunes release, the 2012 film, Iron Sky.

Little realising that the crowd-sourced film had a mild air of controversy to it.

More on that a little later, I think.

To summarize … ?

Set some six years into our immediate future, Iron Sky sees an American astronaut (James Washington, played by Christopher Kirby) crash on the dark side of the Moon, during the reelection campaign of a US President: one played by Stephanie Paul, looking a lot like a well known Alaskan politician.

Unfortunately … ?

Unfortunately, when his ship crashes, Washington finds that — FAR from being tabloid headlines — there actually Neo-Nazi’s hiding on the dark side of the moon.

Neo-Nazis who’ve survived there since World War 2, and who are looking to re-establish the Master Race and look good in Hugo Boss outfits … 

And, inevitably, TAKE OVER THE WORLD.


Now, I mentioned MILD controversy … ?

Well, yes … 

Seemingly, it’s UK distributers, Revolver, decided, in their infinite wisdom, to give Iron Sky a one day cinema release.

They’ve since relented, after a huge a great fuss from film fans: but as you can imagine, that caused a bit of a fuss.

Which is something of a shame.

I’m VERY aware that Iron Sky was done on the proverbial cheap: and that Nazis — even comedy one’s that we’re supposed to be laughing at — aren’t going to be everyones* cup of tea

On the other hand … ?

This may be done on the cheap, and may well come over as flat in places.

But I can’t help but think is a surprisingly unexpected find.

I’d suggest seeing Iron Sky.

And letting me know what you think …
Iron Sky

*     I know many Jewish people I’ve met over the years will prefer to keep them at arms length: understandably.   I can but reiterate that the Nazis in this film are ones set up as clowns,  to be laughed at: whether that’s a good thing or not, is a whole other matter.

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