Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Woman In Black: ghoulies and ghosties and things that scream in a blood-curdling way, in the night … !

Hmmm …

Yes, Daniel Radcliffe’s seems to have caught your attention …

Unless it hasn’t … ?

No … ?

NEVER mind …

I have to admit, I think this week’s been one of those over filmic weekends, what with watching Mulholland Drive and Hellraiser over the past few days.

What with there being really not enough TV — and WAY too much football — to justify me watching much of it.

But … ?

Well, you can possibly guess I only been and gone and watched another film …

And you’ve POSSIBLY already guessed which one …


At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, last night saw me watching recent DVD release, The Woman In Black.

Baserd on the Susan Hill book of the same name, The Woman In Black sees Daniel Radcliffe as Arthur Kipps, a solicitor who’s assigned to do the conveyancing work on the house of the late Alice Drablow.

There’s problems, of course.
  • The house is seriously run down.
  • Is in the middle of a tidal swamp that leaves it very isolated.
  • Is infested by at least one really LARGE raven*.
The house ALSO has a seriously unforgiving ghost, the Woman of the title, who’s got a seriously bad habit of causing the suicide of children.

That’s just the START of things.

There’s ALSO a lot of ghost wondering around.

Oh … 

And this being a film with Daniel Radcliffe … ?

There’s a lot of ‘Let’s be sirius’ jokes doing the YouTube rounds … 


Now, was The Woman In Black a good film … ?

I think I can cautiously say ‘Yes’.

Don’t forget, I grew up in the 1980s.

A time when ‘horror films’ were all about groups of teens been chased all over an island/ruined-house/swamp/film-set/delete-as-needed being horribly — and gorily — killed by assorted shade of supernatural THING with a meat-cleaver and a mask.

So something like The Woman In Black … ?

Is a welcome change … !

Go get, folks … !
The Woman In Black.

*        That thing showing up SERIOUSLY made me jump!

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