Saturday, 2 June 2012

Pandorum: Blood, Guts and Deep Space Lunacy …

Hmmm … 

Remind me — one of these days — to tell you exactly how well McSebi Soft’s Pac the Man X goes with Status Quo’s 12 Gold Bars album.

Trust me, it works fairly well.

I think my score’s looking potentially good … 

At ANY rate what I was going to tell you about.

I was ACTUALLY going to tell you about the film I was watching, last night.

The 2009, Christian Alvart directed, science-fiction film, Pandorum.

Which was …

Quite something, I’m thinking … 


Pandorum* sees Ben Foster as Corporal Bower: a member of the crew of the sleeper ship, Elysium, and a member of the crew who awakens from suspended animation with no memory of who he is.

It’s only when fellow flight crew member, Lieutenant Payton (Dennis Quaid) also awakens, he slowly begins to realise that they’re part of the crew on a ship destined to take the remains of the people of a heavily overpopulated Earth to an Earth-like planet called Tanis, that the two crew men realise that they can’t access the bridge.

Or the engine room, with its seriously unstable nuclear reactor.

And that some of the hibernating passengers appear to have been … 

Damaged …

In transit.

It’s only when Bower meets one or two other survivors he begins to realise that what and how he felt at the start of proceedings … isn’t quite the whole story … 


Now … ?

Can I recommend Pandorum to you … ?

Yes, I think I can, actually.

OK, maybe it’s not the best sci-fi film on the planet: or best in class as a sci-fi horror, something I’ve also seen it called.

 I’ve also seen one or two unfavourable comparisons with Event Horizon on iTunes review pages.

Personally … ?

Personally I think that’s a little unfair to both.

And I’m ALSO thinking if you liked the latter — I know I certainly did — then you’ll find Pandorum an acceptably gruesome younger brother.

And one that had me, at least, thinking of Greek myth.

*        The title is a (fictional) nickname for an equally fictional form of madness suffered by deep-space travellers.

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