Saturday, 24 May 2014

A European Referendum: Some Thoughts

Can I make a confession, please?

If that's OK with you?

I believe I'm not racist.

No, stop laughing!

I honestly feel I have no issues with those of us who are of a different ethnic group to myself.

Whether my Afro-Caribbean or Asian neighbours would agree with me, there, is another matter: but I don't think they've any complaint on that front.

There's a reason I say this.

It's because I'm about to get very contentious, during this post: and tell you about something I'm thinking of doing, come next year's election. 

I'm also going to to tell you I have no problem with immigration to the UK.

I welcome it, believing it to have made the people of the UK stronger, as a whole.

I say this, because I'm VERY aware that my next statement will get many of my readers assuming - wrongly - that I have an issue with race or ethnicity, that I believe myself not to have.

I'm thinking of voting for UKIP, at the next General election.


Yes, I thought you'd be raising a sceptical eyebrow, at that.

But I have a reason: one I feel to be a good one.

For many years, now, I've felt sceptical about the UK's membership of the European Union.   Granted, that's been on an emotional, rather than rational level.

But also one that's separate from any question of immigration.   I feel people will always want to come to the UK: and should be allowed to.

At any rate?

At any rate, I've had my doubts about UK membership of the EU: and still do, in spite of feeling that I am maybe less Euro-sceptic than I was, when younger.

However, there's a reason I feel voting UKIP at a general election has some merit.


You see, ALONG with my mixed feelings about the EU is another belief.

That, despite most politicians saying that they speak for their constituents, I ALSO believe politicians many times don't.

Or, at least, are so sure their view of what their constituents want, that they don't bother to ask.

I think that, on some things, they should.

You see, I'm like many people of my age: indeed, many under the age of 57.

I have not had a chance to vote on whether we in the UK should be part of the EU.

Unlike those UK citizens aged 57 and over: who had they say in the 1975 referenda about EU membership.

The point I'm trying to make is simple.

I believe we - the people of the UK - should have a referenda on membership of the EU: just as UK citizens over the age of 57 did, in 1975.

I believe we of the UK are the only people who should decide this: NOT Westminster.

I know the Liberal Democrats won't offer this to the people of the UK: as they're in favour of continued membership*.

I can't help but notice Labour seems to have not said, one way or the other.   But feel they won't offer a vote on the subject.

I don't believe that the Conservatives - despite David Cameron's statements to the contrary - will offer a referenda, should they win power in the next election.

I don't know quite what the Green party view on the subject is: Britain's media seems to have missed a trick, there.

Unfortunately ... ?

That leaves UKIP - as distasteful as I find right wing politics to be - as the ONLY party I feel I could vote for, to guarantee the referendum we deserve.

*        I disagree with Nick, on this: but respect his passion on the subject.

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