Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Banning Operating Systems

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You’ve possibly noticed that — outside of the Daily Teasers, and other associated bits and bobs — I’ve not written much, here.

Job-hunting’s getting more frantic, if you follow me.

At ANY rate, I do try and post up about all sorts of things: as and when they catch my eyes.

One news item did, today.

The one on the BBC’s news site — here — that tells us China has banned Windows.

Let me try an be accurate, there.

The Chinese government has banned government departments and offices from using desktops, laptops and tablets running Windows 8, the current and newest version of Microsoft’s operating system.

Mostly, it seems many Chinese government computer are running various versions of Windows XP: which Microsoft have ended security support for.

China are, appreciably, loath to replace XP with an operating system that leaves them reliant on foreign companies for security updates and fixes.

Personally … ?

Personally, I don’t know that I can blame them.

After all, we know similar worries have been raised about Huawei and ZTE, the Chinese  companies that make much of the hardware that powers the internet.

We probably all realise that having large parts of our infrastructure built by foreign powers isn’t EXACTLY a good thing.

I can, however, feel vaguely sympathetic.

As the UK is in similar shoes to China, as far as I know.   The little I know, tells me much of the UK’s software is built on Microsoft products and operating systems.

And, while replacing cables would CERTAINLY be a job and a half?   I feel replacing software would be easier.

Indeed, I’ve always wondered one thing: the same thing as the Chinese government.

We have operating software on UK government computers under the control of a foreign power — Microsoft, in this case.

Isn’t it about time we maybe did what many have been doing for the past few years: and start using Linux systems as a base to build our own?

Just a thought … 

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