Friday, 30 May 2014

The Friday Question Set — 30-5-2014

Hmm …

It’s got to be said, I really do get distracted, sometimes … !

No, really … !

I’ve managed — after seeing it briefly mentioned on Click — to pick up a pre-release version of MiniMetro.

A game that describes itself as a minimalistic subway layout game.

OK …

I’ll be blunt.

It’s a digital train-set!

And quite fun, with it!


At ANY rate … ?   At any rate, today is Friday.

Which means it’s the day for the the Friday Question Set … !

Here’s this week’s, covered by the usual Creative Commons License* …

Online 251

Q1) Who played James Bond, in Thunderball?
A1) Sean Connery.

Q2) Which tv show is based on its producer’s experiences at the hands of the Gestapo?
Q2) Mastermind.

Q3) How many pairs of ribs does an adult human normally have?
A3) 12.

Q4) In which century was artist Paul Cèzanne born: the 18th, the 19th or the 20th?
A4) The 19th.

Q5) What would you do with a wonton?
A5) Eat it.   (It’s a Chinese dumpling.)

Q6) In Morse code, what letter is represented by three dashes?
A6) The letter O.

Q7) Which tory politician sailed a yacht called The Morning Cloud?
A7) Edward Heath.

Q8) Which side were premiership runner’s up from 1999, to 2001?
A8) Arsenal.

Q9) In which Dickens novel does the character of Kit Hubble appear?
A9) The Old Curiosity Shop.

Q10) In the original cartoons. what colour is Scooby Doo’s collar?
A10) Blue.


Q11) What was Queen’s second longest hit single?
A11) Innuendo

Q12) A Little Bit More, was a hit for which American emergency number?
A12) 911.

Q13) Who had a US №1 with Fantasy?
A13) Mariah Carey.

Q14) Stan, and The Real Slim Shady were international hits for which artist?
A14) Eminem.

Q15) Firestarter was the first UK hit for which band?
A15) The Prodigy.

Q16) Whose first hit was called Because We Want to?
A16) Billie Piper’s.

Q17) Missy Elliot recorded I Want You Back with which former Spice Girl?
A17) Mel B.   (Scary.)

Q18) Chopin composed most of his music for which keyboard instrument?
A18) Piano.

Q19) George Michael bought whose piano, in 2000?
A19) John Lennon’s.

Q20) Who recorded a version of Something Stupid, with Boy George: Connie Frances, Sandie Shaw or Isabella Rossellini?
A20) Connie Francis.


Q21) In which Irish City is the Abbey Theatre?
A21) Dublin.

Q22) What’s the official language of Denmark?
A22) Danish.

Q23) Spell ‘Dunkirk’: in French.
A23) Dunkerque.

Q24) Which east European country formed 1 half of an Empire, with Austria?
A24) Hungary.

Q25) The Capodimonte region of Italy is famous for what: porcelain, or pasta, or pizza?
A25) Porcelain.

Q26) The Schwarzwald, in Germany, is known as what: in English?
A26) The Black Forest.

Q27) On which Sea is is the Ukrainian city of Odessa?
A27) The Black Sea.

Q28) The Bourse, in Paris, is what: the French Stock Exchange, French National Bank or the French Post Office?
A28) The French Stock Exchange.

Q29) Which Sea is to the west of Denmark?
A29) The North Sea.

Q30) Which is furthest north: The Ukraine, Estonia or Belarus?
A30) Estonia.


Q31) On average, what do we eat 2 teaspoons of, each day?
A31) Salt.

Q32) What mammal is the logo of Bacardi?
A32) A bat.

Q33) The prune is the dried version of which fruit?
A33) The plum.

Q34) Mr Cube is on whose bags of sugar?
A34) Tate & Lyle.

Q35) What is the literal translation of the German dish, Sauerkraut?
A35) Sour Cabbage.

Q36) If an egg floats, is it fresh or stale?
A36) Stale.

Q37) Which biscuit is named after an Italian revolutionary?
A37) The Garibali.

Q38) Which Australian opera singer has at least 2 dishes named after her?   (Extra point for one of them).
A38) Dame Nellie Melba.   (Melba Toast, and the Peach Melba.)

Q39) What kind of fruit are Green Williams?
A39) Pears.

Q40) The Americans call it broiling: what do we call it?
A40) Grilling.


Q41) Who was Conservative party leader on the 31st December, 1999?
A41) William Hague.

Q42) Francois Mitterand was a socialist head of which European country?
A42) France.

Q43) How many children did Tony Blair have when he became PM, in 1997?
A43) Three.

Q44) Which country did the Red Army come from?
A44) The USSR.   (Accept Soviet Union, give ½ for Russia.)

Q45) Yves St. Laurent found fame designing what?
A45) Clothes.

Q46) The tragedy of Aberfan took place in which country of the UK?
A46) Wales.

Q47) The Battle of El Alamein was fought during which war?
A47) World War 2.

Q48) Which big band leader vanished, flying over the English Channel, during World War 2?
A48) Glenn Miller.

Q49) Arsenal player, Tony Adams, was jailed for which offence?
A49) Drink-driving.

Q50) How many British PM’s were there, during the 1990s?
A50) Three.


Q51) Gavrilo Princip was the man who started World War One: by shooting who?
A51) Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Q52) Which monarchs sat on the Peacock Throne?
A52) The Murghal Emperors of India.   (The original was stolen by the Shahs of Iran.)

Q53) In the early 19th century, George Shillibeer brought what to London: a bus service, a sewer system or street lighting?
A53) A bus service.

Q54) Which Greek philosopher was the first to claim the world was a sphere?
A54) Pythagoras.

Q55) Who was the first woman to fly the Atlantic, single handedly?
A55) Amelia Earhart.

Q56) Who famously once came third in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest?
A56) Charlie Chaplin.

Q57) Which bird can, according to urban myth, fly the fastest?
A57) The Homing Pigeon.

Q58) During the 18th century, Kitty Fisher was London’s highest paid what: prostitute, actress or dancer?
A58) Prostitute.

Q59) The Great Smoo is Scotland’s largest what: cave, mountain or tree?
A59) Cave.

Q60) If you are triskaidekaphobic, what are you scared of?
A60) The number 13.

Enjoy those!

*        All that means is that you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes: including the Teasers, Gazette Teasers and the Friday Question Sets.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original authors credit on your event’s flyers or posters, or on the night: and, if you republish them, give me an original authors credit AND republish under the same license.   A link back to the site — and to the Gazette’s, if that’s where you’ve found these — would be appreciated.

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