Thursday, 21 May 2015

Hungerford: Interesting … 

21st May, 2015.

You know, there’s something I’ve not done for a while.

No, really.

Actually … there’s several things I’ve not done for a while.

I’ve not eaten steak, to give you an example.

Played pinball, as another.

Had sex with Maria Shara … … No, forget I mentioned Maria Sharapova, would you?

Let’s just say my love life’s bleak: to non-existent, shall we?

And leave that thought, right there in the gutter, where it belongs!

At ANY rate … ?   The thing I meant to tell you I’d not done for a while?

Was catch a film.

I’ve caught one tonight: the Drew Casson penned, Hungerford.

And frankly … ?

I’m thinking it’s interesting … although I’m not sure … 


Set in the small town of Hungerford, the film sees Cowan — played by actor, director and writer, Drew Casson — a college student who’s film a video diary about his week, for his Media Studies course.

And, in the course of an argument with his flat-mates, Phillipa, Kip and Adam … ?   Noticing that the town seems to have been hit by something that looks like a cross between a seriously heavy storm: and a nuclear explosion.

That’s on day one of the diary.

Day two … ?

Is when Phillipa gets attacked by the postman.

The postman only stops, when Adam sprays some deodorant into the posty’s face.

The rest of the week … ?

Only goes downhill from there … 


Now … 

Interesting … ?

Yes … … 

For — to paraphrase the late Sir Terry Pratchett — a given value of interesting.

You see, I do like an independently made film, now and again.   Noel Clarke, bless him, usually manages to knock out a good one, for example.

But I can’t help but compare Hungerford to another little indie flick I’ve seen: Absentia, back in 2012.

And, while I think Absentia’s actually the better of the two films, I’m also aware that Hungerford is much that same sort of indie flick.

I felt Absentia was and is much like the thousands of tapes the late John Peel would have received.

The lucky ones would’ve got played a time or two.

The really lucky ones would’ve got a session or two.

The incredibly lucky ones?   Would’ve got more sessions, a LOT of air time and possibly a record deal, on the strength of those sessions.

I’m thinking, here, that Hungerford, much like Absentia before it, is a John Peel session.

It’s interesting to watch: you can hear the rough melody, the band knows what they’re doing with it … 

But it’s not quite done, yet.

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