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The Friday Question set — 29-5-2015

You know, there’s time having a second hand computer is good.

There’s times having one is bad.

There’s even times where’s it’s … somewhere in between … 

Right now … ?

Right now, I’m waiting for Time Machine to do it’s thing: and back up my main hard drive.

Whilst Disk Utility does its thing, formatting an old internal drive after doing likewise to a new — far bigger — internal drive.

It just means I’ve more space to store movies, basically.

At any rate?   At any rate, it’s either good or bad.

But you need the patience of a saint, while this is all doing.

Either way … ?   Either way, I’ve a 500GB 3.5" SATA drive going begging.

Any takers … ?


But let’s move on, shall we?

Today is Friday, which means it’s time for the Friday Question Set: covered by the usual Creative Commons License*, and with my apologies for missing last weeks … 

Online 297

Q1) The House of Fabergé famously made jewelled eggs.   For the Emperors of where: France, Russia or Germany?
A1) Russia.

Q2) The assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand triggered World War One.   But in which city did it take place: Belgrade, Sarajevo or Budapest?
Q2) Sarajavo.

Q3) Rievaulx, in North Yorkshire, is famous for what: its puddings, its abbey, or its spring-water?
A3) Its Abbey.

Q4) What’s the legal term for lying under oath?
A4) Perjury.

Q5) What type of vehicle is a smack?
A5) A boat.

Q6) In which century was Coca Cola invented: the 18th, 19th or 20th?
A6) The 19th.

Q7) According to the proverb, what do the mice do, while the cat’s away?
A7) Play.

Q8) Whose the head of The Addams Family?

Q9) Bill Clinton’s daughter is named after which part of London?
A9) Chelsea.

Q10) A Coruña Airport is in which European country?
A10) Spain.


Q11) The House is the goal area in which icy Scottish sport?
A11) Curling.

Q12) In 1848, William Mitchell drew up the rules to which sport: Lawn Tennis, Lawn Green Bowls or Croquet?
A12) Lawn Green Bowls.

Q13) The first matches played in England’s Football League were played in which year of the 1880s?
A13) 1888.

Q14) Who did Jack Charlton play all his League games with?
A14) Leeds United.

Q15) Who was the manager of Manchester United’s, immediately prior to Sir Alex Ferguson?
A15) Ron Atkinson.

Q16) Gold Cup Day at Ascot, is also known as what?
A16) Ladies Day.

Q17) Graeme Obree broke records in which sport?
A17) Cycling.

Q18) Ty Murrey was acclaimed as the greatest sportsman of his era.   But in which American sport?
A18) Rodeo.

Q19) Which news-reader wrote the biographies of  Viv Richards and Clive Lloyd?
A19) Trevor McDonald.

Q20) Which former Spurs skipper died in 1993?
A20) Danny Blanchflower.


Q21) Which rock band claim their collective age is 666?
A21) Iron Maiden

Q22) To which family of instruments does the Cor Anglais belong: woodwind, brass or stringed?
A22) Woodwind.

Q23) Who had a 1972 pop hit with Sylvia’s Mother?
A23) Dr. Hook.

Q24) Which band’s first album had a picture of the Hindenburg airship on its sleeve: Led Zeppelin’s, The Kings Of Leon or Iron Maiden?
A24) Led Zeppelin's.

Q25) Pop group A-Ha had eight top-ten hits in the 1980’s; – what was their nationality?
A25) Norwegian.

Q26) Which small wind instrument was invented in 1829 by Charles Wheatstone?
A26) Harmonica.

Q27) In 1980 who became the first British Solo Female to have a UK number one album?
A27) Kate Bush.

Q28) Which group reach number eight in the charts in 1973 with Stuck In the Middle With You?
A28) Stealer’s Wheel.

Q29) In what year of the 1970’s did Queen have a hit with Fat Bottomed Girls?
A29) 1978.

Q30) Alex Turner, Jamie Cook, Andy Nicholson and Matthew ‘The Cat’ Helders are the  members of which group?
A30) Arctic Monkeys.


Q31) Aikido originated in which country?
A31) Japan.

Q32) In addition to being former French president, Nicholas Sarkozy is a philatelist: which means he collects … what?
A32) Stamps.

Q33) What do you use to play Baccarat?
A33) Cards.

Q34) In which South American city is the world’s only Sambadrome?
A34) Rio De Janeiro.

Q35) If you’re a vexillologist, what item do you collect: flags, tea-towels or scarves?
A35) Flags.

Q36) On what material does a Topiarist work?
A36) Hedges and shrubs.

Q37) Name four of the six murder weapons in the board game Cluedo.
A37) Candlestick, revolver, dagger, spanner, lead piping or rope.

Q38) The Crawford rule is a tournament rule: for which board game?
A38) Backgammon.

Q39) Dog, Boot, Ship, Car, Top Hat: what’s missing?
A39) An Iron - Monopoly.

Q40) If you’re a ferroequinologist, what type of vehicle are you a fan of; steam trains diesel trains or electric trains?
A40) Steam trains.


Q41) Who got a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his performance as a federal Marshal, in The Fugitive?
A41) Tommy Lee Jones.

Q42) Who played Julia Roberts’ mother, in Steel Magnolias?
A42) Sally Fields.

Q43) Julia Sawalha and Mel Gibson played Rocky & Ginger in which film?
A43) Chicken Run.

Q44) Morgan Freeman got his second Oscar nomination for his appearance in which film?
A44) Driving Miss Daisy.

Q45) Which Peter was one of the central characters in Hook?
A45) Peter Pan.

Q46) Which British actor played Gandhi, in Gandhi?
A46) Ben Kingsley.

Q47) Robert DeNiro played Jake LaMotta, in Raging Bull: what was Jake LaMotta’s profession?
A47) Boxing.

Q48) Who did Michelle Pfeiffer play in Batman Returns
A48) Catwoman.

Q49) Eyes Wide Shut was the last film to be completed by which American director?
A49) Stanley Kubrick.

Q50) Gert Frobe played which James Bond villain, back in 1964: GoldFinger, Blofeld or Dr No?
A50) Goldfinger.


Q51) Before becoming Archbishop of York, which Midlands city was John Sentamu the Bishop of?

Q52) Which part of the body does a reflexologist deal with?
A52) The Feet.

Q53) Which nation were defending champions at the 1966 World Cup?
A53) Brazil.

Q54) What did Ian Beale train to be, in the early episodes of “EastEnders”?
A54) A chef.

Q55) In which Welsh county is the Gower Peninsula?
A55) The County of Swansea.   (Which had been West Glamorgan, until 1996.)

Q56) Brandywine, Campari and Kumato are all varieties of which fruit?
A56) The tomato.

Q57) Hammock were introduced to Europe: by which nation?
A57) Spain.   (They picked them up in their Caribbean colonies.)

Q58) In France, what’s the abbreviation for the word, Mademoiselle?
A58) Mlle.

Q59) What is 10^3?   (Also written as 10 to the power of 3, or as 10³)
A59) 1000.

Q60) Ludlow, Shrewsbury and Telford are all in which English county?
A60) Shropshire.

Enjoy those!

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